Affiliate Program terms and conditions

Affiliate Scheme Terms - effective 22/02/2023


Defined terms:

“Agent” - The Hidden Market that acts a connector between parties: The Referrer, The Referee and The Client

“Client” - The end paying client whom has engaged the Agent in either advertising or recruitment services in relation to hiring 

“Referrer” - A person referring candidates to the Agent 

“Candidate referee” - A person that is referred to the Agent by the Referrer with the intention of the Agent assisting them in job searching 

“Client referee” - A person that is referred to the Agent by the Referrer with the intention of the Agent assisting them in hiring 

“General referrals” - Refers to referrals of Referrees made to the Agent by the Referrer 

“Recruitment service” - Full recruitment services offered by the Agent rather than only advertising service. Full recruitment would be a managed process in which the Agent headhunts candidates 

“Advertising service” - Services of advertising jobs rather than full recruiting services where the Agent markets the jobs on behalf of a Client but does not conduct a full Recruitment service 

“Placement” - A Candidate referee accepts a job opportunity with the Client and completes their probationary period  

“Referees” - Refers to both Candidate referees and Client Refees

“Referral fee” - The amount paid to the Referrer as a result of their qualifying referral 

“Advertising sale” - A transaction by the Client to use the Agent for Advertising services

“Special fee” - A fee that takes precedence over our general referral policy. These fees will be advertised on specific jobs 

“Cooling off period” - The grace period the Agent offers a Client when taking paid for Advertising services that require upfront payments. This period is agreed between the Client and the Agent at the start of the project


This policy document sets out the terms for successful General referrals of Referrees by the Referrer to the Agent and referrals of Client referee’s by the Referrer to the Agent. 


Existing relationships and process

  1. Existing relationships - The Referees must not be known to The Hidden Market at or prior to the point of referral. Where known, refers to an existing relationship however inconsequential. For the avoidance of doubt, existing relationship means any contact, communication, prior introduction, registration with the Agent, application to the Agents adverts on the or other channels, engagement with advertising across any channel that discloses the referees details or intent in moving roles and searching for new roles or hiring 
  2. Data consent - The Referrer must have consent from the Referees to make the introduction to the Agent in line with GDPR regulations 
  3. Process - The Referrer must make referrals via our correct channels. Only compliant referrals will be accepted. Referees must be referred via: 
    1. The refer a friend page on The Agent’s website - 
    2. Any affiliate link supplied by The Agent to The Referrer for the purposes of referrals  
    3. Please note referrals will not be accepted by email or any other channel such as social media


Referral fees and payment: 


  1. Referral fees - The Agent offers The Referrer a tiered referral fee 
    1. Recruitment service -
      1. 15% fee for any placement via minus costs if the Candidate Referree is  placed in a Placement in the first year of registering with the Agent, the fee will be 10% for the second year and 5% thereafter. Referral fees paid on the first Placement only and not subsequent placements 
    2. Advertising service - 20% fee for any Advertising sale minus costs. This is for the first Advertising sale and only applicable for 1 job vacancy. For multiple Advertising sales or subscription purchases the Agent offers a flat 10% minus costs. Referral fees will be paid on Advertising clients for a maximum of three years in the event of repeat clients 
  2. Paying clients - Referral fees will be paid only on successful referrals from a paying Client. Referral fees are not paid on any Advertising service or Recruitment service where The Agent is not paid for its work in connecting talent to opportunities. To be explicit, should the Agent be providing a free service no fee will be paid
  3. Successful referrals - these are referrals defined as a theCandidate referee taking a job passing their probationary period. No referral will be paid for any the Referee leaving before the probationary period being completed.
  4. Non-payment - In any instance where a client has negated to pay the Agent the Agent cannot  the right to pay a referral fee to the Referrer 
  5. Refunds - In the event of of a refund to the Client the Agent reserves the right to withhold the Referral fee from the Referrer 
  6. Exceptions - From time to time the Agent may offer a differing referral fee structure for a specific job. This will be displayed on the job advert or in communication directly with the Referrer. The Agent reserves the right to offer a Special fee in place of the General referrals set out in this policy 
  7. Payment date - Fees are paid once the candidates pass their probationary period for Recruitment services. For Advertising services the referral fee is paid to the Referrer once the payment is received from the client and only after any Cooling off period has past 
  8. Payments - payments will be made to the Referrer by bank transfer to the bank account provided by the Referrer. It is the responsibility of the Referrer to ensure the information provided is accurate and no additional payments will be made in the instance where the information provided is incorrect 
  9. Updates to the General Referral scheme - the Agent reserves the right to change the referral scheme at any time and any changes will be initiated immediately and will be for future referrals past the referral date of the policy 
  10. General referral payments - no payments are made for general introductions that do not lead to a positive commercial outcome for the Agent, be it referrals to Candidate referees or Client referees
  11. Self referrals - no Referral fee will be paid for the Referrer referring themselves, i.e. the Referrer referring the Referrer  
  12. Conflicts of interest - no Referral fee will be paid for the Referrer referring Client referrals in their current business or team 


These Terms are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales. 

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