21 Marketing Jobs Predictions from Cognizant

Cognizant has put together 21 marketing jobs of the future and we have summarised them for you here. 

At The Hidden Market, we spend a decent amount of time researching marketing trends & will continue to bring to you developments relating to marketing.

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21 Marketing Jobs of the Future by Cognizant

Cognizant has put together 21 marketing jobs of the future and we have summarised them for you here. Here is a link to the full report.

1. Algorithm Bias Auditor

Monitors elements of machine intelligence used in chatbot marketing, product development, sales analysis, recruitment and contract review. Algorithm Bias Auditor ensures the algorithms of the AI engine are fair, legal and representative of the organization values.

2. Data Ethnographer

Using numbers to tell a story about how customers interact with brands. Working with masses of real-time data to unearth customer insights and make campaign/channel recommendations for the rest of the marketing team.

3.  Purpose Planner

A Purpose Planner will help shape and promote a defined corporate purpose that aligns with clients’ customers and employees. The role is to develop a corporate purpose strategy and narrative for clients, and then work as a communication catalyst across the client’s company.

4. Neuro A/B Tester

Neuro Tester is expected to report on the brain activity and initial reactions of customers when they come into physical contact with the brand during experiential and sensory campaigns.

5. Loyalty Engineer

The role of Loyalty Engineers is to listen and identify the needs of customers and partners, and translate these findings into value-building online tutorials, events and exclusive access opportunities, as well as adaptations to traditional loyalty programmes.

6. Mood & Empathy Manager

Mood and empathy managers analyse every situation where a customer interacts with the brand and business, qualify the emotions involved and propose a micro-strategy to achieve a hyper-targeted empathetic response. They ensure that  marketing activities align with the intentions, motivations and emotions of customers – and create a natural match with their needs.

7. Personal feedback & appraisal engineer

Personal feedback and appraisal engineers create AI mechanisms to gather customer feedback and respond by automating hyper-personalised, contextual experiences throughout the customer journey.

8. Interbrand Marketer

The Interbrand Marketer will catalyse inter-company relationships with a raft of burgeoning influencer brands. They will use sophisticated machine learning techniques to recommend a range of third-party products to customers

9. Sixth Sense Analyst

The Sixth Sense Analysts will shape the branding approach with key influencers. They will convert AI-driven predictive intelligence data into actionable customer insights.

10. Machine Personality Designer

The role is capturing the desires of the client and reconciling that with the aims of the customer experience. Machine Personality Designer will run the testing and analysis, and develop the final personality design brief to be handed over to the interactive robotics team for a personality print.

11. Simulation Assistant

The simulation assistant will support simulation planners and strategists. The job is to collect and link predictive intelligence to model future user scenarios for the offerings.

12. Customer Wellbeing Specialist

Designs and creates personalised moments at the appropriate point in the users journey. The customer wellbeing champion can serve up tailored suggestions on how to improve lives while helping elevate the customer experience.

13. Subscription Strategist

The subscription specialist will create a framework of linked subscriptions to establish and advance customer familiarity and loyalty, and create a direct sales channel for the business.

14. Haptic Planner

The Haptic Planner will work on maximising the impact of outreach campaigns through a range of haptic media platforms. They will identify which wearable and touch surface

platforms work best to combine and advertise a brand or product.

15. Science Liaison/ Bio-marketing Specialist

A science liaison/bio-marketing specialist will find marketing opportunities in the customer’s life that close the gap between them and the brand. Their specialty

will be monitoring body feedback and reacting to the inputs in a way that aligns with the brand and fulfils marketing objectives (lead generation, fulfilment, loyalty, advocacy).

16. Machine & People Ethics Manager

The role is to analyse the department’s data dashboards in the context of how employees and machines feel about and perform against core company values. Ensures that the

core values of the company are effectively communicated through employees and intelligent machines.

17. Micro-interaction Marketing Specialist

A micro-integration specialist will see micro-interactions everywhere and use them to

trigger visual and sensorial cues that can be positioned across various marketing touchpoints in a campaign. They will understand customer journeys at a microgranular level of detail and  discover the tiny opportunities to secure customer loyalty.

18. Head of Bot Creative

This individual will orchestrate the creative bots, open up creative possibilities, and ensure that the branding output connects with the audience. They will ensure all

marketing campaigns are fresh, forward-thinking,high-quality and can connect with the customers on an emotional level.

19. In-world Marketing Architect

An In-world Marketing Architect will be expected to understand the motivations, goals and journey of customers in the virtual space and identify the most natural and persuasive opportunities for marketing moments.

20. Object Persuasion Manager

This role will build machine recommendation logic from scratch to persuade “things'' to consider products and services as top priority. They will drive awareness through voice activated machines and will know how to persuade, cajole and encourage these machines to position the company ahead of the competition.

21. Master Storyteller

A master storyteller will ensure the authenticity, consistency and direction of all streaming stories and narratives across a variety of channels, including movies,

TV series, podcasts, chatbots and video games.


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