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The Pros and Cons of Contract SEO Jobs: A Flexible Path to Success

Contract SEO jobs offer professionals in the field an alternative career path that provides flexibility and unique opportunities. Unlike traditional full-time positions, contract roles allow individuals to work on a project-by-project basis, collaborating with various clients and industries. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of contract SEO jobs and help you understand if this career path is the right fit for you.

Flexibility and Diversity:
One of the key benefits of contract SEO jobs is the flexibility they offer. As a contract SEO specialist, you have the freedom to choose the projects you want to work on and set your own schedule. This allows for a better work-life balance and the ability to pursue other personal or professional interests alongside your SEO work.

Furthermore, contract SEO jobs provide exposure to a wide range of industries and clients. Working on different projects allows you to expand your skill set, industry knowledge, and network. You will constantly be challenged with new tasks and have the opportunity to work with diverse teams, sharpening your problem-solving and communication skills.

Increased Earning Potential:
Contract SEO jobs often come with higher earning potential compared to traditional full-time positions. As an independent contractor, you have the ability to negotiate your rates and charge higher fees based on your level of expertise and the value you bring to the project. Additionally, since you are not constrained by a fixed salary, efficient work and successful outcomes can result in lucrative financial rewards.

Professional Development and Growth:
Contract SEO jobs can be an excellent platform for professional development. By working on different projects, you will encounter various SEO challenges and gain hands-on experience across different industries. This exposure will enhance your knowledge, skills, and understanding of the ever-evolving SEO landscape. Moreover, the ability to work independently requires you to continuously stay up to date with industry trends, best practices, and algorithm changes, fostering ongoing learning and growth.

Potential Downsides:
While contract SEO jobs offer numerous advantages, it is essential to consider the potential downsides as well. One significant challenge is the uncertainty of a steady stream of projects. As a contractor, you will be responsible for finding new clients and securing projects regularly. This requires effective networking, marketing, and business development skills.

Another aspect to consider is the lack of benefits typically associated with full-time employment, such as healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off. As a contract SEO specialist, you will need to account for these aspects and ensure you have alternative arrangements in place to cover these necessities.

Contract SEO jobs can be a compelling career choice for those seeking flexibility, diversity, and higher earning potential. With the opportunity to choose projects aligned with your interests and work independently, contract roles offer a unique path for professional development and growth. However, it is crucial to consider the challenges of finding new clients, handling administrative tasks, and ensuring adequate benefits. Careful consideration of both the advantages and disadvantages will help you decide if a contract SEO career is the right fit for you.  If you are interested in further SEO jobs please check out our SEO jobs page.

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When it comes to contract SEO jobs, there are several types of roles that you can explore. Here are some different contract SEO job types to consider:

  1. SEO Consultant:
    As an SEO consultant, your primary role is to provide expert advice and guidance to clients. You will assess their websites, perform SEO audits, conduct keyword research, and develop strategies to improve their organic search rankings. Consultants often work on a project basis, offering recommendations and insights to help clients optimize their websites for search engines.

  2. Freelance SEO Specialist:
    Freelance SEO specialists typically work independently on a contract basis. You will be responsible for managing multiple client projects, which may include tasks such as keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and reporting. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose the clients you work with and set your own rates.

  3. SEO Copywriter:
    As an SEO copywriter, your focus is on creating compelling, keyword-optimized content that ranks well in search engine results. You will collaborate with clients or agencies to produce website copy, blog posts, articles, and other online content that aligns with their SEO goals. SEO copywriters ensure that content is engaging for readers while maintaining keyword relevance for search engines.

  4. Link Building Specialist:
    Link building specialists specialize in acquiring high-quality backlinks for clients' websites. This involves outreach, building relationships with other website owners, and implementing strategies to earn authoritative links. As a contract link building specialist, you will work to improve a client's website authority, increase visibility, and drive organic traffic from search engines.

  5. Technical SEO Consultant:
    Technical SEO consultants focus on the technical aspects of a website that impact its search performance. This includes tasks such as website audits, site speed optimization, URL structure analysis, mobile optimization, and ensuring proper indexing. As a technical SEO consultant, you will diagnose and fix website issues that may affect search engine visibility and user experience.

  6. Local SEO Specialist:
    Local SEO specialists help businesses improve their online visibility in local search results. You will optimize websites for location-specific keywords, manage local business listings, and ensure consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) across various directories. Local SEO specialists also work on generating positive reviews and implementing strategies that enhance a business's local search presence.

These are just a few examples of the various types of contract SEO jobs available. Each role requires a unique skill set and expertise. It's important to determine which area aligns with your strengths and interests to find success and satisfaction as a contract SEO professional.

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The Hidden Market salary benchmarking for SEO contract jobs:

The salary for contract SEO jobs can vary depending on several factors, such as experience, expertise, location, and the specific role. However, here are some general salary benchmarks for contract SEO jobs in pounds:

  1. SEO Consultant:
    The salary range for SEO consultants in contract positions can vary widely. For entry-level consultants, the hourly rate typically starts around £15-£25. As you gain experience and expertise, the rate can increase to £40-£70 per hour or more.

  2. Freelance SEO Specialist:
    Freelance SEO specialists have the flexibility to set their own rates. Entry-level freelancers may charge around £20-£40 per hour, while experienced freelancers with a strong track record and expertise in niche industries can charge £50-£100 per hour or more.

  3. SEO Copywriter:
    SEO copywriters may charge on an hourly or per project basis. Hourly rates for entry-level SEO copywriters can start around £10-£20 and increase to £30-£60 for experienced professionals. For per project rates, it can be anywhere from £100-£500 or more depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

  4. Link Building Specialist:
    The rates for link building specialists can vary significantly based on the complexity of the project and the quality of backlinks required. On average, hourly rates for link building specialists can range from £20-£40 for entry-level to £50-£100 for experienced professionals.

  5. Technical SEO Consultant:
    Hourly rates for technical SEO consultants usually start at around £20-£40 for entry-level positions and can go up to £50-£100 or more for specialists with extensive experience in complex technical SEO projects.

  6. Local SEO Specialist:
    The rates for local SEO specialists are similar to other contract SEO roles. Entry-level local SEO specialists may charge around £15-£30 per hour, while experienced professionals can command rates of £40-£80 or more.

It is important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on factors such as location, demand in the market, and the level of expertise and reputation of the individual. Additionally, these rates do not include any additional expenses or benefits that contractors may need to account for on their own, such as taxes and healthcare coverage.

It's always recommended to research current market trends and consult industry networks or professional associations to get the most accurate and up-to-date salary information for contract SEO jobs in the UK.


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