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Exploring Remote Copywriting Jobs for Beginners: Kickstart Your Career from Anywhere

In today's digital age, the world of copywriting offers an incredible opportunity for individuals to work remotely, even without prior experience in the field. Remote copywriting jobs provide the flexibility to craft compelling content from the comfort of your own home or while traveling the world. 

  1. Embrace the Remote Lifestyle:

Remote copywriting jobs provide the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you're a fresh graduate, considering a career change, or looking for a side gig, remote copywriting is a viable option. The ability to work remotely allows you to create a work-life balance that suits your needs while gaining valuable experience in the copywriting industry.

  1. Develop Your Skills:

While experience is valuable, don't be discouraged if you haven't yet worked as a copywriter. As a beginner, focus on developing essential copywriting skills, such as understanding target audiences, crafting compelling headlines, and creating engaging content. Take advantage of numerous online resources, courses, and tutorials available to hone your skills and gain confidence in your writing abilities.

  1. Freelance Platforms:

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer provide a wealth of opportunities for remote copywriters starting their careers. These platforms connect you with clients seeking copywriting services, allowing you to build your portfolio while earning income. Create a captivating profile, showcase your writing samples, and start bidding on relevant projects that match your skill level and interests. Remember, building your reputation and positive client feedback are crucial to securing remote copywriting jobs.

  1. Content Mills:

Content mills can be another entry point for beginners in the copywriting world. While they may not offer the highest pay rates, they provide a platform to gain experience, practice your writing, and build your portfolio. Content mills often have a variety of writing tasks available, ranging from blog posts to product descriptions. Keep in mind that as you progress, you can transition to higher-paying gigs by leveraging the experience gained from content mills.

  1. Networking:

Networking plays a significant role in any industry, including copywriting. Join professional copywriting communities on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Engage with other copywriters, ask questions, and share your work. These communities often have job postings, collaborative opportunities, and valuable insights from experienced professionals. Building connections with other copywriters can lead to referrals and recommendations for remote copywriting jobs.

  1. Build a Portfolio:

Regardless of your experience level, a portfolio is a powerful tool to showcase your writing skills and attract potential clients. Start by creating your own website or using platforms like Behance or Contently to display your best copywriting samples. If you don't have paid work to showcase, create your own hypothetical projects or contribute guest posts to established blogs. A strong portfolio can make a significant difference in landing remote copywriting jobs.

Remote copywriting jobs offer an exciting opportunity for beginners to kickstart their careers in the writing industry. With determination, perseverance, and the development of essential copywriting skills, you can thrive in a remote work environment. Leverage freelance platforms, content mills, networking, and a compelling portfolio to secure remote copywriting jobs and gain valuable experience along the way. Whether you're a recent graduate or someone seeking a flexible career, remote copywriting can be the gateway to a fulfilling and successful professional journey. Embrace the possibilities, and start crafting captivating copy from anywhere in the world.

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Find a range of copywriting jobs remote no experience with The Hidden Market:

When it comes to remote copywriting jobs for individuals with no prior experience, there are several opportunities available. Let's explore some of the different types of copywriting jobs you can pursue remotely, without any prior experience.

  1. Blog Post Copywriting:
    Many businesses and individuals require talented copywriters to create engaging and informative blog posts that resonate with their target audience. As a remote copywriter, you can contribute to various blogs on a wide range of topics, sharing your expertise and captivating readers with your writing style.

  2. Social Media Copywriting:
    Social media platforms have become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience. As a remote copywriter, you can craft concise and compelling copy for social media posts, captions, and advertisements, helping businesses promote their products or services effectively.

  3. SEO Copywriting:
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for businesses to improve their online presence and rank higher in search engine results. Remote copywriters skilled in SEO can create relevant and keyword-optimized content for websites, blog posts, and product descriptions, driving organic traffic and boosting search engine visibility.

  4. Email Marketing Copywriting:
    Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to engage with their customers and prospects. Remote copywriters play a crucial role in creating persuasive and personalized email campaigns that drive conversions. From newsletter content to enticing subject lines, there are ample opportunities for remote copywriters in email marketing.

  5. Product Description Copywriting:
    E-commerce businesses heavily rely on persuasive product descriptions to attract customers and boost sales. Remote copywriters can excel in creating product descriptions that highlight the features and benefits of various products, compelling potential buyers to make a purchase.

  6. Sales Copywriting:
    Sales copywriting aims to persuade potential customers to take action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. Remote copywriters skilled in creating persuasive sales copy can contribute to sales pages, landing pages, and promotional materials, enhancing a business's conversion rates.

  7. Content Writing:
    Content writing encompasses a broad range of copywriting opportunities, including informative articles, whitepapers, case studies, and guides. Remote copywriters can contribute their expertise to various online platforms, helping businesses establish thought leadership and provide valuable information to their audience.

  8. Copy Editing and Proofreading:
    Even without prior copywriting experience, remote positions as copy editors or proofreaders can be a great starting point. These roles require a keen eye for detail and mastery of grammar and language, ensuring that written content is error-free and polished.

By exploring these various types of remote copywriting jobs, beginners can find opportunities to develop their skills, build a portfolio, and gain valuable experience. Remember, starting with smaller projects and gradually building your expertise will open doors to more challenging and rewarding remote copywriting opportunities in the future.


Use our salary comparison tool to help you with benchmarking
Marketers earn an average of £78k based on our data

The Hidden Market salary comparison tool and benchmarking for copywriting jobs remote no experience:

When it comes to the salary benchmark for remote copywriting jobs with no prior experience, it can vary depending on several factors such as location, industry, level of expertise, and whether you are working as a freelancer or as part of a company. 

  1. Entry-Level Freelance Copywriting:
    As a beginner with no prior experience, freelance copywriters working remotely can expect to earn an average hourly rate of around £10-£20. At this stage, it's important to focus on building a portfolio, gaining experience, and securing positive client feedback.

  2. Mid-Level Freelance Copywriting:
    As you gain experience and build a strong portfolio, the average hourly rate for mid-level remote copywriters can range from £25-£50. This increase in income is often attributable to the quality of work, client demand, and a track record of successful projects.

  3. Senior-Level Copywriting:
    Once you have established a reputation and built a solid client base, senior-level copywriters can command higher rates. The average hourly rate for senior remote copywriters can range from £50-£100 or more, depending on their expertise and the value they bring to clients.

  4. In-House Remote Copywriting:
    If you decide to work remotely as part of a company, the salary range for entry-level remote copywriters can start at around £18,000-£25,000 per year, depending on the organization and location. As you gain experience and move up the ladder, you can expect the salary to increase, with mid-level salaries ranging from £30,000-£45,000 per year or more for senior roles.

It's important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on individual circumstances. They are meant to provide a general benchmark for remote copywriting jobs with no prior experience. Additionally, rates can be influenced by factors such as the industry you work in, the specific projects or clients you engage with, your negotiation skills, and the demand for copywriters in your niche.

As you progress in your copywriting career, continuously enhancing your skills, building your portfolio, and delivering high-quality results will open doors to more lucrative opportunities and higher rates.

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What we do in hiring marketers:

Here at The Hidden Market, we take pride in being a unique solution for businesses seeking to hire talent. But why is this important for you as a candidate? Well, as a candidate, partnering with us opens up a whole array of opportunities.

We offer a dual approach to finding the right marketing job for you. Firstly, we actively market various roles that are available. Secondly, we actively headhunt for positions that match your skills and aspirations. This combination gives you access to a wider range of career prospects.

We understand that making a career move is a significant decision fraught with potential pitfalls. That's why we're here to assist, inform, and guide professionals like you in making the best choices for your career.

As a member of The Hidden Market, you can enjoy a range of benefits:

  1. Connect with our team: We're here to listen, understand your career goals, and provide personalized guidance.

  2. Access our free resources and services: We offer valuable resources to help you enhance your skills, improve your resume, and prepare for interviews.

  3. Choose from our paid resources and services: For more in-depth assistance, we provide premium resources and services to give you an extra edge.

  4. Tap into our network: We have strong connections with businesses actively seeking top talent. Beyond the current job openings we advertise, we make a note of your skills and preferences, keeping you in mind for future roles.

  5. Join our vibrant community: Engage with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and gain insights from our community. We offer valuable content to keep you informed and inspired in your career journey.

If you have any further questions about our approach, we have a helpful FAQ section in the footer of our website that covers many common queries.

We believe in empowering candidates like you and being a trusted partner in your career advancement. Let us help you navigate through the hidden market and uncover the ideal marketing job for you.