Marketing Apprentice - Basingstoke


Kestrel Contracts Ltd

Employment type:

Full Time

About the Job

This is a government approved Digital Marketing Apprenticeship opportuntiy during which you will be the marketing executive in Kestrel alongside pursuing your marketing qualifications under the tutorage of a leading apprenticeship training team, complete with your own personal tutor. Please note the salary reflects the apprenticeship nature of the role and you will have ample opportunity to develop your skills and expertise with us on your career path to a fully fledged marketeer. At this stage we are not expecting reams of qualifications and experience, just an appetite to take on exciting challenges.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating B2B marketing content relevant to the world of sports pitches and distributing it effectively. You will help us strengthen our brand awareness and our relationship with customers, partners and suppliers using innovative marketing campaigns and events. You will collaborate with the directors and sales team to ensure that your marketing efforts support their goals. Finally, your analytical skills will assist you as you monitor and report on the success of your marketing efforts.


  • Develop marketing strategy and support sales goals
  • Website and social media management, creating online and offline B2B marketing content
  • Plan and execute campaigns and events utilising CRM and other marketing tools
  • Track, analyze and report success, SEO, analytics

Skills and Attributes

  • Outstanding IT literacy in all types of digital tools and media channels
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, attention to detail
  • Energy, enthusiasm, creativity and self-motivation
  • Knowledge of and passion for all types of sports would be a bonus


  • Rural location, free parking, open spaces around and relaxed office environment
  • One day per week wfh
  • Time available for training and developing
  • Freedom to explore new marketing ideas and concepts alongside the business leaders

At The Hidden Market we're committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, read our policy here. We inform clients that candidates should be evaluated on merit of their skills, experience and commercial attributes in relation to the role, and not background, disability, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, education, or any other discriminatory factor.

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