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Marketers earn an average of £78k based on our data

The Hidden Market salary comparison tool and benchmarking for marketing jobs:

Our benchmarking marketing roles show they earn:

  • between £80k on average
  • with the average desired salary being £97k 

This is of course average data and it conceals a lot of the differences. Should you want to benchmark any of your roles you can do so here with our salary comparison tool. But if you would like some indications of salary bands:

Base salaries bandings by levels - Marketing 

  • CMO salary range - £150k-400k 

  • Marketing Director salary range - £120k - 180k 

  • Head of Marketing salary range - £75k-125k 

  • Senior Marketing Manager salary range - £65k-75k

  •  Marketing Manager salary range - £45-65k 

  • Senior Marketing Executive salary range - £35k-45k 

  • Marketing Executive salary range - £25-35k 

  • Marketing Assistant salary range - £18-25k 



Too often, we see businesses and candidates waste so much time on poorly qualified candidates and roles: undertaking interviews that are not a good fit. We at The Hidden Market overcome this with our prevetted candidates.


There are numerous factors that influence salaries. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Market forces: demand and supply 
  • Company size  
  • Location 
  • Remit of a role 
  • Negotiation on both sides: professionals and businesses 

We see candidates too often take a role that is not suitable for them. We work with candidates to find the right role with the right business and secure them a decent market rate. 



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At The Hidden Market, we're a unique solution for businesses looking to hire. Why is this important for you as a candidate? As a candidate you have access to roles we are marketing and roles we're headhunting for, which means we have a greater range of opportunities for you. 



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Making a career move at any level is a big decision and one that is plagued with potential mistakes. We work with our candidate base to help, inform and guide professionals in making the best career choices they can. 

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Types of marketing jobs by level

Marketing is a diverse field with a range of career paths, each with its own set of responsibilities and requirements. From entry-level positions to senior leadership roles, there are numerous opportunities for marketing professionals to advance their careers. In this article, we will cover the different levels of marketing jobs, from Marketing Assistant/Graduate positions to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role.

Marketing Assistant / Graduate Job The entry-level position in marketing is the Marketing Assistant or Graduate job. These roles involve supporting the marketing team in executing campaigns and initiatives, conducting market research, and handling administrative tasks. Candidates for these roles typically have a degree in marketing or a related field, and some relevant experience or internships.

Senior Marketing Executive/Executive Job The next step up from a Marketing Assistant role is the Senior Marketing Executive/Executive job. These positions involve greater responsibility for executing marketing campaigns and initiatives, developing marketing strategies, and managing budgets. Candidates for these roles typically have several years of experience in marketing or related fields and a proven track record of success.

Marketing Manager Job The Marketing Manager role is a mid-level position that involves overseeing a team of marketers and managing multiple campaigns and initiatives simultaneously. Marketing Managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies, managing budgets, and analyzing campaign performance. Candidates for these roles typically have several years of experience in marketing and management skills.

Senior Marketing Manager Job The Senior Marketing Manager job is a senior-level position that involves overseeing multiple Marketing Managers and managing the overall marketing strategy for a business or organization. These roles require strong leadership skills, the ability to develop and execute strategic plans, and a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior.

Head of Marketing Job The Head of Marketing role is a top-level marketing position that involves managing the entire marketing function for a business or organization. These roles require strong leadership and strategic skills, the ability to develop and execute marketing plans, and a deep understanding of the industry and competitive landscape.

Marketing Director Job The Marketing Director role is a senior executive position that involves overseeing the marketing strategy and operations for a business or organization. These roles require a broad range of skills, including strategic planning, budget management, team leadership, and stakeholder management.

CMO Job The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is the highest-ranking marketing executive in a business or organization. The CMO is responsible for developing and executing the overall marketing strategy, managing budgets, and driving business growth. These roles require extensive experience in marketing and leadership skills, as well as a deep understanding of business strategy and industry trends.

In conclusion, marketing offers a range of career paths, from entry-level positions to senior executive roles. Whether you are starting your marketing career as a graduate or pursuing a leadership role as a CMO, there are numerous opportunities to grow and succeed in this exciting and dynamic field.

Key marketing job descriptions by level: 

FAQ's for marketing jobs

  1.  What do marketing jobs pay?

    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marketing salaries vary depending on experience. Starting they can be at the £16k-£20k mark in London and can range up to £300k-350k for a CMO role at a big brand. Realistically marketing executives are often on £20k-£30k and senior marketing executives at £30k-£40k, Marketing Managers on £40k-£60k, Senior Marketing Managers on £60k-£80k, Heads of Marketing on £80k-£100k and Marketing Directors on £100k-£130k and finally Chief Marketing Officers on £130k-350k

  2. Can marketing jobs be remote?
    •  Yes of course, but this depends on the type of role that you are doing as a marketer. Some jobs often lean much more toward remote work, maybe content writing or technical SEO for example (there are lots more examples!), but conversely some brands may even want the same roles in the office, for example if the business needs a content writer to work with the stakeholders, interviewing them for content etc, it can be the case that the brand might require the role to be hybrid or more office based. 
  3. Can marketing jobs be replaced by AI? 
    • No, it is unlikely that marketing jobs will be fully replaced by AI. AI is having a big impact on all industries and essentially providing all workers with a lot more capacity to work and make data-based decisions as AI allows a marketer to crunch numbers and pull in information from a larger range of sources for example. There are areas of marketing jobs that can be replaced and these are likely areas that marketers would be happy to replace such as marketing related admin and research, allowing them more time to work on campaign strategy or work with stakeholders etc. 
  4. Will marketing jobs be automated?
    • The potential automation of marketing jobs has sparked significant discussions and debates. While automation has indeed impacted certain marketing tasks, the complete replacement of the entire marketing field by AI remains unlikely in the foreseeable future
  5. Are marketing jobs stressful? 
    • Yes marketing jobs can indeed be stressful. Stress is clearly a subjective topic and therefore one that can be disagreed on, but marketing jobs often involve demanding deadlines, high expectations, and the need to constantly adapt to changing market conditions. The nature of marketing requires professionals to navigate a fast-paced and competitive landscape, which can contribute to stress levels.
  6. Is marketing a job for the future? 
    • Yes, marketing is widely considered a job with promising prospects for the future. As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the digital age, the role of marketing becomes increasingly crucial in reaching and engaging target audiences.
  7. What is a good starting salary for marketing UK?
    • This will depend on your educational background and training but non-graduates can be looking at £16k-20k for starting salaries on average, this can go up to £25k for school leaver trainee programs with big businesses that are considered to be alternatives to embarking on undergraduate studies. Alternatively, graduates can be looking at between £20k-£30k starting salaries for careers in marketing. Of course there are exceptions to the rules and no doubt some will earn more and some less.