InsureTech - The Hidden Market

InsureTech - The Hidden Market

InsureTech is the use of technology to streamline the insurance model to drive operational efficiencies across the whole spectrum of the insurance process.

B2B and B2C insurance services are ripe for innovation due to the nuances and the bespoke nature of some of these provisions. On the B2B side, the placement of insurance risk is often quite manual, with a lot of risk being placed in the Lloyds of London Market. Innovation is not limited to risk placement but efficiencies have been found through claims processes, attribution and applications processes, plus others. 

In a world where data is key, niches that have developed in, drone insurance or natural catastrophe insurance, for example, that afford start ups to carve out specialisms as data experts, whilst utilizing their technology and software to provide services at scale or data insights that can be monetised. 

InsureTech careers - Commercial roles in InsureTech

With the increased niches within InsureTech this is expected to continue. This will result in businesses competing for market share, there is a need for commercial roles for marketing and sales to drive forward the success of the businesses investment in the product by their product & innovation teams. Marketing adding value identifying & targeting target customers and with sales delivering and securing the revenue for the business. 


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