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International - Why brands are focused on international marketing recruitment?

Brands have become ever more international. Technology facilitates the connectivity of business globally, quickly and easily. 

International teams have been a theme for a long time but these have developed and progressed and we at The Hidden Market foresee business continuing to move to global teams and a global approach to their resources and their customers too. 

International search for international marketing leaders is a great opportunity for a company to be able to invest in the international marketing team. Partnering with an intentional marketing headhunter affords a brands the skills, expertise and knowledge that their appointment will be to the strongest calibre and ultimately drive their business forward like no other candidate. 

Here we've outlined our service offering to you. 

Why and when would I benefit from an international marketing headhunter? 

Why and when would I benefit from an international marketing headhunter? 


A marketing headhunter provides you with a deeper service offering and as such, you should use this when you need or want to find the best candidate for a role and you are willing to commit to a full process. Searches are a significant investment of time and resources compared to that of a marketing recruitment campaign. Quite practically you could commit to every management hire as a search rather than contingent recruitment, the choice is yours. 


Historically, retainers have been deployed for senior management hires. Senior marketing & digital leaders, however, that is not to say that they cannot or should not be used for middle management roles. We see significant benefits to a client who chooses to opt for a retained search agreement on more junior hires. These are: 

  • Commitment to hiring for the role driving accountability for both parties
  • To improve the recruitment process for candidates, clients, and the agent too due to the commitment to the process and agreed framework 

The Hidden Market - International Marketing Headhunters

We at The Hidden Market have the capabilities and expertise to deliver the highest quality search mandates in the market in the UK and internationally. Our retained search product is suitable for businesses that want the accountability and depth and thoroughness of a full search. 

Retained search - how to hire the best marketers internationally: 

Here we outline the difference between retained search and contingent recruitment. 

Fee structure

Practically, recruitment is on a contingent basis which means that the business only pays once the right candidate is found and secured for a business and they do not pay for any work done to that date. Conversely, a retained search agreement between a marketing headhunter and an organisation in which the business will pay a retainer fee to secure the services of the agent and in which they have committed to the project. 


A retained search assignment is a bigger and more involved piece of work compared to that of a contingent recruitment assignment. The agreement from both parties ensures requires agreement on objectives and outcomes from the project: geographical market coverage of the search, skills, personality, and competency requirements. A retained search agreement should also require the agent to meet the candidates, and if this is not happening then you are not getting the service you should from such an agreement. 

Timelines & process

Given the nature of the commitment between the parties under a retained search agreement timelines and processes are longer than that of a recruitment process, typically. Of course, there are exceptions. 


    Marketing Headhunters - what to look for: 

    Our search strategy: 

    We have a methodical search strategy to ensure that each role is searched in a way that ensures we uncover hidden talent

    • We use the best technical tools thus ensuring we identify the best talent
    • We take time to qualify & vet professionals appropriately. All professionals are qualified by either calls or video interviews against pre-agreed capabilities
    • We work with clients with bespoke methodology to assess candidate suitability against their requirements 
    • We provide clients with our view on each candidate, and suitability for the role

    For our retained search, we certainly go proactively out to market and cover candidates across several closely related skill sets and industries, as per the requirements of the role. 

    Unlike other businesses who often stop when they have 6-10 candidates for the role, we continue in order to ensure that you have decent market coverage, a pipeline of candidates should any drop out (which they do!). Ultimately we ensure confidence in the process and the person you ultimately hire is the right candidate. 

    These covers, but is not limited to: 

    • Social channels – organic & paid advertising
    • Our network - active and passive candidates in our network 
    • Out network - recommendations from contacts 
    • Industry & country specific job boards & networks


    Typically, we reach out to hundreds of candidates, these candidates are ‘passive’ rather than actively looking for a role. You will receive a shortlist of 6-10 candidates. We can continue sending you shortlist’s like this until you hire.

    • We start with our current network: which is 15k candidates at Head of through to CMO level just in London
    • We will then headhunt across pre-agreed markets 
    • Depending on timings and requirements we send through candidates immediately or in a formal shortlist. You can expect to have candidates in your inbox as soon as possible – likely between 24hrs to one week of starting the process
    • You receive our recommendation of their experience
    • We manage the interview process for you: scheduling interviews and feedback and assignment of tasks etc
    • We have check in meetings to discuss the candidates to ensure that our search is identifying the right level of candidates for you

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