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    Unlocking Marketing Excellence: London's Thriving Landscape for Marketing Strategy Professionals

    London is a hub for innovation, business, and creativity, making it a perfect place for professionals in the marketing industry. With an economy that thrives on its diverse selection of industries, London has numerous opportunities for marketing strategy jobs.

    Marketing strategy jobs involve developing and implementing marketing concepts that align with business objectives. These jobs require exceptional skills in leadership, communication, marketing research, and data analysis. Careers in marketing strategy are highly lucrative and offer an impressive salary package, providing the perfect opportunity for individuals who want to build a long-term career in marketing in London.

    London is home to some of the world's top brands, and as such, there are numerous opportunities for marketing professionals who possess a creative mindset. Whether you are looking to work in a large corporation or a startup, there are multiple positions that fit your career aspirations in the city.

    Marketing strategy jobs in London include roles such as Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing, Marketing Director, and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). With such a broad range of positions, professionals with various skill sets, experience levels, and backgrounds can find a suitable job in marketing strategy.

    Marketing Manager roles are one of the most common entry-level marketing jobs in London. A Marketing Manager is responsible for developing marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness, and increasing sales. Senior Marketing Manager roles typically involve managing a team of Marketing Managers and leading multiple campaigns simultaneously. Head of Marketing positions involve overseeing the entire marketing function and developing comprehensive marketing strategies.

    Marketing Director positions are comparable to Chief Marketing Officer roles, with Marketing Directors responsible for managing the marketing department and actively driving business growth through marketing initiatives. Chief Marketing Officer roles, on the other hand, are the pinnacles of marketing strategy positions, with top-level executives responsible for crafting and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies to drive business growth.

    London offers a wide variety of marketing strategy jobs for professionals seeking to grow their careers in the marketing industry. From entry-level positions to top executive roles, there are numerous opportunities for individuals with various skill sets and experience levels. If you're looking to work in one of the most vibrant cities in the world while building a long-term career in marketing strategy, then London is the perfect place for you.

    Review marketing strategy jobs we're currently advertising:

    Marketing Manager

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    Product Marketing Manager

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    Full Time

    Marketing Executive - Interim/Contract

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    Full Time

    Senior Marketing Manager - Interim/Contract

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    Senior Marketing Manager

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    Marketers earn an average of £78k based on our data

    The Hidden Market salary comparison tool and benchmarking for marketing jobs:

    Our benchmarking marketing roles show they earn:

    • between £80k on average
    • with the average desired salary being £97k 

    This is of course average data and it conceals a lot of the differences. Should you want to benchmark any of your roles you can do so here with our salary comparison tool. But if you would like some indications of salary bands:

    Base salaries bandings by levels - Marketing 

    • CMO salary range - £150k-400k 

    • Marketing Director salary range - £120k - 180k 

    • Head of Marketing salary range - £75k-125k 

    • Senior Marketing Manager salary range - £65k-75k

    •  Marketing Manager salary range - £45-65k 

    • Senior Marketing Executive salary range - £35k-45k 

    • Marketing Executive salary range - £25-35k 

    • Marketing Assistant salary range - £18-25k 



    Too often, we see businesses and candidates waste so much time on poorly qualified candidates and roles: undertaking interviews that are not a good fit. We at The Hidden Market overcome this with our prevetted candidates.


    There are numerous factors that influence salaries. Some of these are as follows: 

    • Market forces: demand and supply 
    • Company size  
    • Location 
    • Remit of a role 
    • Negotiation on both sides: professionals and businesses 

    We see candidates too often take a role that is not suitable for them. We work with candidates to find the right role with the right business and secure them a decent market rate. 



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    At The Hidden Market, we offer a distinctive solution for businesses seeking top talent. But why should this matter to you, the job seeker? Well, as a candidate, you gain access to a wide array of opportunities. We actively promote some roles, while for others, we proactively scout for the perfect match, providing you with a broader spectrum of career options.

    Our commitment to assisting candidates in securing marketing jobs stems from recognizing that making a career move, no matter your current level, is a significant decision fraught with potential pitfalls. We pride ourselves on working closely with our candidate base to offer guidance, insights, and support, helping professionals like you make informed career choices.


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    For more detailed information on how we operate, please feel free to peruse our FAQ section located in the footer. We're here to make your job search experience as rewarding as possible.





    Types of marketing jobs by level

    Marketing is a dynamic field brimming with diverse career paths, each with its own distinct responsibilities and prerequisites. Spanning from entry-level positions to the upper echelons of leadership, the realm of marketing is teeming with opportunities for professionals to chart their career trajectory. 

    **Marketing Assistant / Graduate Role**

    The entry point into the marketing domain is often marked by the role of a Marketing Assistant or Graduate. Here, individuals play a pivotal role in supporting the marketing team by executing campaigns and initiatives, conducting meticulous market research, and overseeing administrative tasks. Aspiring candidates for these positions typically hold a degree in marketing or a related field and often boast relevant experience or internships.

    **Senior Marketing Executive/Executive Role**

    Progressing beyond the Marketing Assistant role leads to the Senior Marketing Executive/Executive position. In this capacity, professionals shoulder greater responsibility by spearheading marketing campaigns and initiatives, formulating intricate marketing strategies, and adeptly managing budgets. Typically, candidates for these roles boast several years of hands-on experience in marketing or related domains and bear a proven track record of success.

    **Marketing Manager Role**

    The Marketing Manager role represents a mid-level juncture, where individuals take on the mantle of overseeing a team of marketers and simultaneously steering multiple campaigns and initiatives. These accomplished managers are entrusted with devising and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies, proficiently managing budgets, and astutely evaluating campaign performance. Prospective candidates for these positions typically command several years of experience in marketing and have honed their management acumen.

    **Senior Marketing Manager Role**

    Ascending the ranks, the Senior Marketing Manager role ushers in a senior-level echelon, involving the supervision of multiple Marketing Managers and the stewardship of the overarching marketing strategy for a business or organization. Holding sway over a portfolio of advanced leadership skills, these stalwart managers must mastermind and execute strategic plans while demonstrating an astute comprehension of market trends and consumer behavior.

    **Head of Marketing Role**

    The pinnacle of marketing leadership materializes in the role of Head of Marketing. These top-tier positions entail the comprehensive management of an organization's marketing function. Here, adept leaders harness their strategic prowess to develop and execute intricate marketing plans, while possessing a profound understanding of industry dynamics and competitive landscapes.

    **Marketing Director Role**

    The Marketing Director role marks a senior executive station where professionals wield authority over the marketing strategy and operations for a business or organization. In these elevated capacities, a multifaceted skill set is indispensable, encompassing strategic planning, fiscal stewardship, team leadership, and adept stakeholder management.

    **CMO Role**

    At the zenith of the marketing hierarchy resides the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), the paramount marketing executive within a business or organization. CMOs bear the onus of crafting and executing the overarching marketing strategy, judiciously managing budgets, and steering the enterprise toward growth. These eminent roles necessitate an extensive track record in marketing, adept leadership skills, and an intricate comprehension of business strategy and industry trends.

    The field of marketing unfurls a diverse panorama of career trajectories, ranging from nascent roles for recent graduates to commanding executive positions. Whether one embarks on their marketing odyssey as a fledgling graduate or aspires to the zenith as a CMO, the realm of marketing offers an abundance of opportunities for professional growth and accomplishment in this captivating and ever-evolving discipline.

    Key marketing job descriptions by level: