Matching & Search - the alternative to recruitment

The Hidden Market is a flexible marketplace for top commercial talent: marketing, digital, sales, propositions & insight. 

The best companies and start ups hire talent via The Hidden Market. 

Recruitment quality candidates at the fraction of the price

Our matching & search product is for clients who do not need a full recruitment service but still want a high value solution that is different to simply posting an advert on a job site. This product make use of all of The Hidden Markets recruitment advertising and intelligent sourcing strategies. Clients might have significant internal recruitment teams or have cost considerations in mind. 

This is a matching and search product that strips out the managed process element out of recruitment, as such you receive targetted and recruiter quality CV’s but at a very affordable price point that can be used as a really cost-effective but high-value resource for their internal team. 

Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will do the rest. 

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Why matching & search rather than recruitment?

Flexible recruitment solution to meet actual needs

The recruitment industry unfortunately often results in poor outcomes for candidates, clients, and recruitment partners, both internal and external. We've developed this product in order to support internal teams and businesses who are happy to do the heavy lifting of candidate qualification, process management themselves. The product saves you time through better-qualified candidates, candidates rather than applications as we are not a job site, we are a talent partner that is active not passive. We are out in the market for you headhunting for you at a fraction of the price of a recruiter. 

  • Access hidden talent via an active solution - unlike passive solutions at this price point we invest time and money in attracting talent for the market 
  • Access hidden talent via intelligent and specific sourcing methods outside of LinkedIn
  • Full use of our platform in the same manner as other products we offer 
  • Recruitment quality candidates - receive CV's that have been vetted and qualified across all of the key areas that a recruiter will 
  • Partner with us to plan ahead and keep the cost of recruitment as low as possible 

Our process is really simple. 

We're a fully digital business and designed with you in mind.

  1. Sign up - You can sign up at our client registration page which will take you a couple of minutes
  2. Engage - Connect with one of our colleagues about your requirements
  3. Match & Search - Match to candidates and benefit from our bespoke sourcing capabilities 
  4. Review - Review your candidates against your requirements 
  5. Hire as you wish
Our process

What are the costs?

The matching & search product is a pay to post model: you pay to put your role on the platform. The cost is a fraction of a traditional recruitment fee.

Get in touch at if you would like the current pricing structure. 



Next steps

If you would like further information before registering with us then please get in touch on

We focus on connecting the best talent to the best opportunities and are a long term talent partner to both candidates and clients. 

We are the most flexible provider in this space and offer a range of options for businesses hiring of which you can find information on this outlined below. 

We cover commercial roles: marketing, digital, product and propositions, business development and account management, research and insight talent. You can find out more information on our specialisms here.

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