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Ultimate Telephone Interview tips

At The Hidden Market we are often asked how to best prepare for a telephone interview, so we thought we would put together the interview tips dos and dont’s. We hope it helps you.read more.

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AI & unconscious bias in recruitment:

Often we are asked about AI in recruitment. We’ve put together a short introduction to the uses of AI in marketing recruitment and digital recruitment. 
AI is definitely changing the way new talent is recruited. AI technologies are making… read more.

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How to make the most of your interim role:

Interims are all about impact. Here at The Hidden Market we look at how to make the most of your interim role: we have gone through the our requirements for adding value to a business. 

Demand for interim marketing roles has been growing… read more.

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How to stand out from the crowd

You are applying for the job you really like. You are excited and you believe that you are a great fit for that role - but you are not the only one.

read more.

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Ultimate Interview Tips - 20 Tips

Securing an interview is hard work. Once you have done so, acing it is the next challenge. 

Well done you've finally got an interview for the job you want. Congratulations! To make sure you are fully prepared we at The Hidden Market have… read more.

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How to successfully get your CV through an ATS into human hands

Job hunting can be tough. You keep applying to numerous roles and receive only few or even no replies from employers. You start wondering if your applications have been read at all. You should know that when… read more.

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The best digital marketing books - Jan 2021

Here we at The Hidden Market have compiled a list of top digital marketing books to help you stay up to date and improve your online expertise.

read more.

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18 companies investing in Artificial Intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence in marketing and what it means for you as a marketer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the… read more.

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Marketing Leaders ultimate guide to digital courses:

If you’re a senior marketer most likely you have not been involved in some of the detail of campaigns. Alternatively, depending on… read more.

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The Ultimate Guide: marketing job shares:

Here we look at all things in relation to jobs shares: why they are effective for both employers and professionals, why they are underutilised and how we recommend that you go about hiring or finding the right candidates. 

Hopefully, you… read more.

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Marketing salaries: how much do marketers get paid?

Marketers often ask me what they should expect from a marketing salary and at what level. It is a fair question. Are you underselling yourself? Are you being paid fairly in relation to your experience? What to get paid is a really important… read more.


Reduce the cost & improve the quality of hire through talent pipelining

Finding quality candidates can be tough. The methods of finding talent have changed.

Historically, you as a hiring manager… read more.