SparkToro sparked my interest

Now if you're a marketer of any level or a business owner no doubt you're interested in understanding your audience. No doubt there's lots of way's to do this, but marketing tech can help you. We've come across SparkToro and thought we would share it with our community to help you in your current role, or if you're a job seeker looking to keep aware of marketing tech. 

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What is SparkToro?

SparkToro is a marketing tools to help marketers and businesses quickly and precisely pinpointing the online spaces and platforms where their target audience congregates and engages. They aim to empower marketing campaigns with improved targeting, making them substantially more effective and increasing ROI. 

Looking at SparkToro the business seems to have been motivated by challenging mainstream current marketing efforts where they view a significant portion of contemporary digital marketing revolves around the uninspiring strategy of "buying ads on Facebook and Google." and suggesting they're a tool to help you innovate.

The tools seems is an alternative approach to help you discover untapped avenues for marketing investment. An obvious starting point is advertising but also it seems handy for collaborative partnerships, outreach initiatives, guest editorials, and content contributions. It also helps you as  marketers in pinpoint the influential publications and individuals that may sway your target audience.

What you can do with SparkToro:

Now no tool is a silver bullet but this tool seems pretty handy, it helps you understand your audience better: 

  • The podcasts they listen to 
  • YouTubers they engage with 
  • Press accounts they read  
  • Subreddits they read 

And much more. 

Screenshot of SparkToro tool

How it can help you as a job seeker or in role?

As a job seeker: 

We see it as a really good tool for audience research, and if you're job seeker and wanting to understand a new niche this surely could be really handy for you! 

No doubt this might help you in your interview preparation, 30/60/90 day plans or even just prep for starting you new gig. 

In a marketing role:

We see this as a tool in helping marketers look at marketing investment in channels, partnerships, and ultimately content selection through understanding your audience better. No doubt your businesses has a variety of customers or niches, or just one, but we hope this helps you building the best marketing function, or campaign you can! 

Our view with our audience at The Hidden Market

Our audience are marketing and digital professionals, across industry. We searched around marketing and digital but not on industries as yet. We only trialed the free version but all the searches came back with sensible and interesting content and channel suggestions. Having not tried it for 3-6 months on projects it is not possible to know how dynamic the results are, and how varied these are depending on more subtle topic variations. We'll likely try it and see. No doubt for interesting industry niches the tool would prove really handy. 

If you enjoyed this overview of SparkToro to audiences we'd love to hear from you.

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