Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy


The Hidden Market is committed to promoting and ensuring diversity and equal opportunity to all. We believe in fairness and equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of background, disability, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, educational, or any other discriminatory factor.

As a business we are designed as such to facilitate and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and this document sets out how we achieve this, and importantly monitor this going forward.


Data Collection and Use


At present, our policy is to not run blind processes unless required to by specific clients. We intentionally do not collect any EDI information on candidates to prevent any potential misuse of this data by us or third parties. At inception we initially collected data from candidates, but this has since been removed to alleviate any concerns of misuse. This decision is continually monitored and reviewed in consultation with candidates and clients. This decision does have some implications on reporting on EDI and as such should we change this policy, and collect D&I data in the future, it is company policy that any collected information will not be used in our review or matching of candidates or for sourcing or reviewing candidates on a discriminatory basis.


Accessibility and Charges


Our platform where jobs are hosted and advertised to candidates is freely accessible to all who chose to access it and can be logged into at www.thehiddenmarket.com. There are no charges for using our platform, and candidates are free to apply for roles at any time. In cases of misuse of our platform, access may be restricted in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Matching Model


Our matching model is automated and based solely on skills and experience, as indicated by the information provided in candidate profiles and CV’s and matched with information provided by the client: job descriptions and requirements which is solely restricted to skills and experience. No questions regarding gender, race, or any other discriminatory factor are asked during the matching process, ensuring impartiality and eliminating the possibility of ranking candidates based on discriminatory criteria.


Fair pay and Technology


Given our position as a market for jobs we are in a great position to provide information on salaries. Our policy is to empower the market to understand pay levels for relevant skills and experience levels. We have tools (in beta development) which are freely available for candidates and clients to check simple salary information. (Link)


Advertising and External Reach


The Hidden Market is advertised externally, through digital channels such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn across paid and organic advertising. Our advertisements abide by strict policies that do not allow targeting based on discriminatory factors, such as background, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, educational background, or any other discriminatory factor.  


Headhunting and Candidate Sourcing


We headhunt candidates for specific roles, depending on the commercial relationship, all headhunting is based on skills and experience and not on the basis of any discriminatory factor and is in like with our training on EDI outlined below. As part of the headhunting process we provide clients with recommendations of candidates, all candidate recommendations are based on skills and experience, or communication skills set out as requirements by a client. Candidates are not recommended or screened on any other factor.


EDI Policies and Training


The Hidden Market has company policies and provides training on EDI to ensure that all employees understand and adhere to our commitment to equal opportunity and non-discrimination. We regularly review our policies to stay up-to-date with industry standards and best practices, and actively participate in recruitment groups to maintain our knowledge in this area.


Client requirements


We work with clients to foster a shared culture of equal opportunities, inclusion and fairness and do not tolerate discrimination in any form. Whilst we cannot stop others from discriminating we will not partner with or participate in any form of discrimination. Should this be initiated from a client our policy is to inform and educate them of this firstly and offer the opportunity to resolve, should this not be taken we would cease the relationship with the client.  


Candidates of the future   


It is part of our policy that we should be investing in improving outcomes for the future. We are currently reviewing and evaluating how we partner with feeder organisations such as schools, universities and wider community support groups that work with people from marginalised and underrepresented communities either to work for us as a business but also for our clients.  


Should you have any questions, concerns or feedback on our policies, or believe you have experienced any form of discrimination please email us on hello@thehiddenmarket.com