Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to sign up? 

Sign up will take 2-5mins. All questions are multiple-choice to make the process as quick and as useful as possible. Our service is quality-focused and as such we have designed our sign up process to be as pain-free as possible and as such these questions are multiple-choice.

When signing up, what questions do I have to answer? 

To effectively match you to roles or candidates to your roles we have to understand about your experience or requirements, what you have done/need, and what you are looking for next, as such we need to understand your job, salary and location preferences. This is information you regularly supply to recruitment businesses, we’re just better at collecting and using it.  

What happens to my personal information? 

Candidate privacy is vital to us. The majority of our candidates are currently working in roles. When you sign up you create a profile, only we at The Hidden Market can see your information, and your details are only released to clients when you match with a role and agree to release your profile or when you apply to a role on the platform. 

What kind of candidates, roles and clients do you work with? 

We are designed for marketing digital, and business development talent. We work with candidates who work for a range of businesses from start-ups and micro businesses through to SME’s, agencies and corporate clients. The value you to you as a candidate is the potential to exposure to a wider client base than you might experience with very focused agencies. 

We fill roles from executive to CMO. We believe to best serve the market we have to be able to recruit across the full spectrum. We work across all marketing specialisms, so digital, traditional, propositions, insights and research. 

We work across multi-industries rather than being attached to one industry and believe this allows us to be able to best serve the market and advise candidates and clients about the latest developments across industries. 

Do I need to upload a CV? 

Clients like them so we strongly suggest you do, to save you time in the future. However, we’d like to move away from CV’s, but appreciate we might not be there yet. 

How does The Hidden Market differ from job board?

We’re different as we bring job matching to the passive market. Job sites are only attracting candidates in the active market. By definition they require you to be engaged and proactive, i.e. applying to roles to be considered for roles. We operate in the passive market as we have a range of recruitment solutions for businesses, allowing them to reach the passive talent market: i.e. candidates that are employed and are wanting to be considered for ‘the right’ opportunity which can take a decent amount of time to find.

We operate in the active and passive market. Job boards typically only attract active talent, i.e. those candidates who are actively applying for jobs, a candidate must go searching for a job, whilst that is true of us, as we control who is allowed to advertise to our candidate base. Vetted companies are only allowed to advertise, which means that we ensure a superior level of service to you and we do not partner with businesses that do not offer a decent level of service quality to our candidate base. 

Our business is the most intelligent platform and as such we ensure that you understand the role and remit of a job before you apply, and when you do, the business understands your skills, experience, motivations, and requirements, all upfront. Marketing and business development are varied skill-sets and too many candidates and clients waste time on the wrong jobs. 

The Hidden Market is a talent platform, as such we are not a transactional service, we are here for your career and are here to not only find you a role, but to supply you with market insight and content alongside career coaching and information. 

Because of our design we offer the most sophisticated matches. Behind the scenes our team work on your behalf so that you do not have to hunt through job listings. We do that for you.

Briefing and value ad - we don’t just match you to roles and leave you there. No we offer detailed information on the client and position, information you would not get from other services. 

How does The Hidden Market differ from recruitment agencies? 

We offer a range of recruitment solutions for businesses and as such we have a bigger network and are able to offer you more opportunities. 

Our matching is technology and human intelligence based: our matching is completed by our technology, based on your sign up preferences so we eliminate subjectivity and biases. We quality control our service with human interaction too to ensure no one is missed. 

Briefing and value ad - impartiality - our information is not biased to some candidates, we give you all a fair shot. 

We believe in transparency, and as such we are provide all information to you and all you to make your decisions as you wish. 

We are the most thorough service on the market, intentionally, because we want to provide you and our clients with the best service. Agents do not have the time or technology to set their business up to do this.