The Hidden Market Privacy policy:

The Hidden Market Privacy Policy - Effective 25/06/2020:

The Hidden Market is a talent platform and recruitment business matching talent/candidates to companies. We ask you to read this privacy policy as it includes important information about us at The Hidden Market; information on how and why we collect, store and use your data when you use our website and our service. To use and benefit from our service, this is a requirement. The Hidden Market is a career-focused talent service for marketing, product, proposition, insights and business development talent across multi-industries, rather than a transactional use service approach such as a jobsite which you only use to find a job, as such our privacy policy reflects an on-going relationship. Given the on-going relationship, your privacy is even more vital to us. 

When we collect data as described in this document we do so under the General Data Protection Regulation which applies in the European Union and including the United Kingdom. 

This website is intended for candidates and clients within the markets we operate in and there are multiple uses for both parties. The website is intended for candidates who are looking for work in the markets we operate in and for businesses looking to hire in these markets. The website is also intended for candidates and clients who want market information and additional training and development information, alongside news, other content and other information. The Hidden Market is committed to protecting the privacy of candidates, businesses and users of the website.

Why is data being collected? 

Data is being collected in order to be able to offer our services to you, services including job matching of candidates to clients, recruitment consulting, market insights and reporting related to business and particularly around recruitment metrics, and finally providing relevant content and any other additional information that The Hidden Market deems of value to its users. 

What data do we collect? 

We are the most sophisticated provider in our space and as such you have the opportunity to match to the most relevant opportunities. You set your detailed preferences when signing up to The Hidden Market. Most of the data we collect is indicative data on what you are looking for and as such is not sensitive data but we do collect some personal information including but not limited to your name, email address, personal address and contact number(s). We do collect preference information relating to your experience and job search requirements such as information on your current situation regarding employment, job preferences and future requirements relating to jobs and your skills experience. All information you would need to successfully apply to any role. 

We collect additional information from you in regards to email communication, phone calls or face to face meetings in order to help us assist you in your job search generally, and with specific applications. Additional information is collected where important for record purposes, relating to any or all of the areas of the sign up process: your experience or preference or in relation to your experience or in relation to any potential or actual role we are recruiting for and to confirm that you are happy to be submitted to a role opportunity or prospectively to a business, as agreed between us during the recruitment process. All of this information is used to provide you with any or all of our specific services described in this document. 

Our legal requirements for processing the data and how we use information: 

The legal grounds for processing the data is the agreement between The Hidden Market and you in relation to the recruitment process and to fulfill all core and related services. 

The information is held, used and disclosed by The Hidden Market as follows:

  • to allow us to provide our range of services to you; 
  • to answer your enquiries;
  • to maintain the on-going business relationship with you, where you are a user of our website, a client or candidate; 
  • to enable candidates to submit CV and other relevant information in relation to specific job applications, for you to register with us an employment or talent agency, in order that we can continue to match you to jobs on an on-going basis where you are an active, passive or semi-passive candidate, in order that you can subscribe to job alerts;
  • for us to proactively match your details with job vacancies in order to assist you in finding a position that is most suitable for you and on your agreement, agreeing to apply either via the website or via written communication to us to apply, to send your application to clients, including sensitive personal information);
  • for you to be able to recommend your contacts as potential candidates to The Hidden Market;
  • for you to be able to recommend jobs or projects to The Hidden Market should you wish to; 
  • for you to have access to the content, information, insights, reports, articles and media that is kept behind our ‘content wall’. Where ‘content wall’ refers to any information that is restricted to our ‘site members’ whether they be candidates or clients or other users;
  • for you to have access to the content, information, insights, reports, articles and media that is kept behind our ‘premium content wall’. Where ‘premium content wall’ refers to any information that is restricted to our ‘site members’ whether they be candidates or clients or other users;
  • to proactively assist you in your job search: this includes but is not restricted to actively approaching clients or potential clients looking for opportunities that match your preferences. Your profile and personal identifiable information is always kept anonymous until we have permission from you. Our role as a talent business is to go out and canvas for roles for our candidates proactively. 
  • to create you a candidate or client profile on, in which you can set your preferences regarding your availability to work;
  • to enable clients to be able to connect with you based on your profile, based on your answers to our sign up process, and send you information to you on potential jobs or opportunities in their business;
  • to direct-market products and services, advise you of news and industry updates, events, promotions and competitions, reports and any other information that we deem relevant. Where we do so, you will be able to unsubscribe from such communications;
  • to direct-market to you, advertising products or services and or to advise you of information & news, industry updates, promotions & competitions, events, reports and any other information that we deem relevant;
  • to engage in any other marketing activities to you;
  • to fulfill contractual obligations with our clients; 
  • as a talent platform a fundamental part of our offering is providing you with additional services. As such we have collected your personal information to be able to tailor and provide these services to you. These services include free services such as information, events and insights as described above and premium services, should you decide to purchase one of our paid for value added services;
  • Information when you sign up to a newsletter or request any similar reports;
  • to enable us to develop and market any other products and services in order to serve our candidates and clients better;
  • to create marketing information on a company to display to candidates in the platform, in the form of a company page and or any other additional page, using client information freely available on the internet or specifically provided to The Hidden Market which may or may not include the use of a company logo;

Will the data be shared with any third parties? 

To provide you with the highest level of service and to fulfill the service offering described above in this privacy policy, your data may be transferred: 

  • to third parties: advisors or other supplies to our business or technical partners. These third parties enable us to provide you with the services at 
  • to clients in order for you to apply for a role or to market you to clients proactively. 
  • to clients where there is a contractual obligation. 
  • to a cloud-based storage provider 
  • in the event that The Hidden Market is acquired by another business, your data will be transferred to the new business. You will be advised of such a change should this occur. 
  • aside from the situations outlined above The Hidden Market will not transfer your personal information to any third party without your consent, except if required to do so by law or competent authority.

How do we keep Personal Information secure?

Firstly we ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this policy;
We have security procedures in place in accordance with the level appropriate to the nature of the personal information held and the risk that security could be breached;
The Hidden Market has processes in place to ensure that staff are well-trained in order that we keep you personal information secure. 
The Hidden Market has both physical and technical security measures in place to keep your information secure. All procedures comply with relevant legislation across the storage, access and disclosure of personal information;
However, please remember that the transmission of information via the internet is never completely secure. The Hidden Market is committed to do it’s best to protect your information but we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted and you do so at your risk;
How long will the data be stored for?

Given the on-going relationship, we are not anticipating you to wish for your data to be deleted but should you wish so you can get in touch at where you have the option to request the deletion of your data. Please note there are times that your data must be stored, for example in the instance where we have placed (recruited) you at (for) a business and we need to keep records of this for tax or legal purposes for HMRC and the same applies for any candidate premium services that you select from our site or any other transaction. In these instances we delete all of your personal preference data but need to retain some information about you and the position you have taken or the service you selected. You have the option to request the deletion of your data at any point but as such therefore deciding not to use the full benefits of the service. An alternative to deleting your data is hiding your profile to potential employers on the platform and can be done so in your account.

What rights does the data subject have?

It is your right at any time to ask us for a copy of the information you have supplied that we hold. 
To do this we may ask you to verify your identity and for further information on this request. Where we are legally permitted to do so, we may refuse your request and will explain this to you. To make a request for information, please contact: 

The right to ask us to stop using your information. As mentioned above, we might not be able to do so when your file holds information about clients or financial information for HMRC or legal purposes. In the instance where we are unable to comply with a request we will provide the reasons for doing so. 

Amendments to the Privacy Policy:

If and when the Privacy Policy is changed it will be updated on the website, we will endeavour where possible to communicate this to you on email too.  

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website. 

Should you not agree with the processing of your data please do not submit any personal data to us via the website. 

In using and our services and/or otherwise interacting with The Hidden Market you consent to us processing your personal data and other information in accordance with this Policy.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at

How can the data subject raise a complaint?

It is your right to raise a complaint should you feel we don’t process your data appropriately. Please contact should you wish to make a complaint.