From channel to revenue:

Series introduction:

In this series of interviews, we are interviewing 'interesting people' for 'interesting stories' and 'interesting learnings'. 

There are no requirements for business size, industry, or personal background. Instead, we are interested in understanding & learning more about business, approaches, and successes and failures. 

The thread knitting this together is a common interest in understanding the customer bourne out of backgrounds in marketing. But marketing is not the end goal, it is the channel. 

So from channel to revenue is born. 

Episode 1 - Felix Rossknecht - Long term thinking:

Felix Rossknecht - Founder - Newton Bell:

  • Felix has a strong background in business strategy & marketing, through his time spent in more corporate businesses through to working for, and now with startups in his role at Newton Bell which is The Growth Marketing agency. 

In the episode:

Growth. That's the objective right? Is short-termism impacting growth?

In episode one, Felix & I talk about long term versus short term approaches in business. Looking at how long term approaches can be more effective for both the short & long term aspirations for a business!