How to hire Interim Marketing Managers

How to hire a great Interim Marketing Manager

Interim Marketing Managers add significant value for a business and can do so from day one. 

Interim Marketing Managers are campaign experts. For many companies, there are times when in house resources are not sufficient to handle the marketing challenge at hand. This does not necessarily mean that it is the right time to hire a permanent Marketing Manager, or it may not be cost-effective to hire a permanent Marketing Manager, In these instances, an Interim Marketing Manager can add the required experience needed whilst providing the flexibility that interim affords the business. 

Hiring an interim is like hiring any other hire; finding the right person is critical to success. The right Marketing Manager will be an expert in all things campaigns and will have the skills and experience to ensure business success, whether the goal be lead generation or brand building. 

Here in this hiring guide, we've addressed how to identify the right person for the role and how to create the best environment for success. 

How to hire an interim through The Hidden Market:

  1. Talk to one of our industry experts - we will work with you to understand your goals, needs, and team dynamics. 
  2. Work with hand selected talent - within 24-48hours we'll introduce you to the best talent
  3. We guarantee satisfaction - assess your interim prior to hire  


How are The Hidden Market interims different? 

  • Our network is closed and our interim are thoroughly screened. We're an active solution working with you to understand your goals, technical requirements, and team dynamics. The end result: expert vetted talent from our network, custom matched to fit your business needs.

Can I hire an interim in 24-48hrs via The Hidden Market? 

  • We can go as quickly as you can. You can hire within 24-28hrs of signing up 

What's the cost of hiring an interim via The Hidden Market? 

  • We have interims at a range of levels to suit all business needs. Interims can range from £150-£2000+ per day 

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