How we work with Professionals - The Hidden Market

Finding the right role can be tough: it takes time and there is value in planning ahead.

We work behind the scenes pipelining the best candidates for the best companies. All you need to do is let us know your skills, experience, and any other pertinent details and we’ll do the rest. We're designed to find roles that actually match you and will save you time in searching, applications, and interviewing. 

Our specialisms: 


We are marketing talent specialists: we understand better than anyone that marketing talent you need to build your brand and communicate best with your customers. 


Digital is so embedded in our ecosystem that it is its own category. We’re digital natives and digital recruitment specialists. We recruit for roles across technical digital roles through to broad digital roles. 


Innovation we believe is at the heart of success. Innovation spurs on individual companies, industries, and society as a whole. That’s why we particularly like recruiting for product and propositions roles


Communication is at the heart of what we do. We thoroughly enjoy recruiting for communications roles We recruit for both internal and external communications, through to PR and investor relations roles.  

Our promise to you - The Hidden Market

We're focused on human to human interactions so once you have an account with us you can speak to our talent specialists or chase us for feedback on a role you have applied to. Data driven bias free recruitment is important to us: we match professionals to opportunities based on skills, expertise and experience not on our pre-conditioned biases. Clarity & transparency: we fight against the smoke and mirrors of traditional recruitment. We provide comprehensive information to throughout the hiring process to ensure there are no surprises. Our market understanding: we are experts in our fields. No matter how you engage with us as a client we leverage our knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure you find the right talent.

Vetted companies

For businesses that need some additional recruitment resource we are able to add support to your business on-demand on a monthly rolling contract basis.

Relevant opportunities:

Find relevant opportunities against your requirements: interim/permanent, full & part time, and your salary requirements.

Hard to find roles

We work with businesses that want an alternative to recruitment & jobsites. Our clients are often dissatisfied with the current options available to them. 

Human support

Speak to our talent team about your career and our opportunities. Avoid the lack of feedback trap of job sites and recruiters. 

More information on The Hidden Market:

We are the professional skills market connecting the best commercial, marketing & digital talent to the most ambitious companies. Whether you are looking for a role or looking to hire you can sign up and connect with us humans on the other side! 

  • Professionals looking for a new role or want to be kept up to speed with roles in the market you can register with us here.
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