One strategy to reveal hidden marketing jobs

As is common in our approach we are here to cut through the noise and give you decent advice that hopefully empowers you to make excellent career decisions. 

Now if you’re just looking for any job then this advice is not for you. 

Job hunting takes a lot of time for most people. Some will breeze through their career and benefit from opportunities that just come their way, but that is not the case for most. I actually see that candidates that experience this sort of luck and be restricted by it. Here’s a post I wrote about that too. 

In this post, we look at strategies and tactics that will help you find a decent role. We’ll look at further strategies to land a decent role too in other posts. 


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A structured approach to your marketing job search:

For this article, we’ve assumed the following in order to focus on the value add: 

We’ve assumed you know: 

  • Your skills and abilities and weaknesses 
  • You know your interests and career goals 
  • You understand your preferred work style and environment and company culture

And you have the following in place: 

  • CV and Cover Letter: a well-structured and tailored CV highlighting relevant experience and achievements
  • A compelling cover letter customised for each application, expressing your motivation and suitability for the role 

Now we’re going to talk you through our overarching strategy for job hunting and then on top of this walk you through the individual tactics too. 

In this, we have to touch on some of the basics, but our main focus, as always, will be on advice that others won’t tell you. 

Your job search strategy to land the best marketing job:

Our recommendation to all candidates is that your strategy needs to include the following in order to secure you the best job possible: 

  • Diversification of tactics
  • Taking a proactive approach 
  • Investing in rel ationships 


Now if you’re just looking for any job then this advice is not for you. 


Diversification of tactics


The modern world of job hunting is diverse and requires a myriad of appoaches to ensure that you do not miss out.


Why? Well we see that too often candidates will focus on one, two or three areas and neglect areas. Clearly in life there’s lot of benefits of focus but in job searching we recommend that this is a diversification of tactics. Essentially you have to try a lot of different approaches. 


Now we are not suggesting desperation or applying to unsuitable roles, but for you as a candidate to find the best possible role for you it takes, time, effort and engagement on your part. Life doesn’t often hand out gifts freely!


Taking a proactive approach 


When you are applying for a job this has often been advertised to a businesses internal teams, their network and then out publicly, of course not always, but this generally is the approach. As such you’re applying quite late in the process. That’s fine, but what about the jobs that are never advertised?


Investing in relationships


Now some of you will read this and perhaps you won’t agree, maybe the digital natives in the room, but the personal touch will get you far, especially if you want to come across opportunities before other people. 


So with this is in mind here’s an overview or checklist for you to ensure you have covered all tactics: 


3. Raise your profile to land your dream marketing job:


You can raise your profile without falling into the personal brand traps and pitfalls of doing everything else does. We’re not personal brand gurus here to get you likes on social media but we do recommend that you invest in raising your profile and it does not have to be digitally. Most that read this blog will be professionals with decent experience, jobs and salaries and are not looking for fame, but rasing your profile careerfully with your peers or the marketing and business community in certain niches will help you. 


Now for this to work you would need to really know your niche that you are targetting. So if you’re unsure of what you are interested in or looking for this is unlikely to work as it will not be focused enough. 



  1. Attend events & network - info on this below
  2. Develop a strong online presence: 
    1. Think social media  
    2. Personal website  
    3. Podcasts  
    4. Interviews 
  3. Showcase your expertise by sharing industry-related content and engaging in relevant discussions 


All this has to be authentic: find what you are passionate about and join communities and your personal brand will follow. 


4. Community rather than networking:


Now this ties into the above of course but it deserves it’s own point. 


We’re not against networking, but it has the connotation of chatting over a drink with a stranger when you are all looking for something. Our view is that is can be quite transactional rather than relational and relationships take time to nurture and invest in. 


Instead we suggest you invest in community and your network will build itself. Building a network takes time to invest in. A common pitfall we see is that candidates will look to their network in a time of crisis for an opportunity, rather than farmland to cultivate.



  1. Build and expand your professional network by attending industry events, career fairs, and networking sessions
  2. Connect with professionals in your field on LinkedIn and make proper connections with people


Be aware of the market 


What’s happening in the market and what businesses are growing or developing and are there any opportunities for you? Do you know the people that run those businesses? Have you met them? 




  • Follow the news or companies you are interested in within your niche. Following these companies should provide you with insights in what’s happening in the market 
  • Look for opportunities to meet with stakeholders at events or to connect digitally 


Leverage your network: 


People are often happy to help. Be bold and ask for an introduction to a connection to see if there is opportunity to connect. Recommendations go along way. We recommend you do this about live jobs but more importantly do this ahead of time whilst your in role. 


Doing this ahead of time means that you might be able to make a solid connection with a business looking to hire, that perhaps you may not been aware of previously. 


Recruitment Agencies:

Marketing and digital jobs are a broad top, and one which there are many niches within. As such there a range of marketing recruitment agencies or digital agencies for you to work with. We’ve pulled together two comprehensive guides for you in both of these areas. Links to our ultimate guies: 



The power of search for marketing & digital jobs: 


People think of LinkedIn when they think about marketing jobs in London. But in reality LinkedIn is one part of the puzzle. 70% of job searches start with search which tells you there’s lots out there. Search will help you as it will direct you to jobs either on company pages or niche sites etc. 


Marketing and digital specific job sites: 


As mentioned you can use LinkedIn but we recommend you broaden your search to and we’ve pulled together our guide to marketing job boards. Now there are a real range of jobsites on there but they should help you no matter your niche. 


How we work at The Hidden Market: 


Now we’re a different business to most. We help you find the best opportunities possible and do this in a variety of ways. If you’re passively open to opportunities we have a quick register feature that enables you to register with us and for us to keep you in mind for the best opportunities. 


If you’re more active we are more than happy to connect with you and try and help you find the best opportunity for you. Here you can create a full account with us.