Part time Marketing Director - Why you need one

With the rise of part time roles in the economy and this likely to rise in the future here in The Hidden Markets blog we look at the benefits of hiring a part time marketing director over other alternatives. 

Hiring the right part time marketing director is a challenge one of which if you get right can add decent value to your business. 

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Part time Marketing Director - Why you need one 

Part time Marketing Director - Why you need one 

Every business has to work within constraints. Now global corporates will have significant budget to hire global teams. But do all businesses need a full time marketing director? The short answer is no. There are lots of benefits to hiring a part time marketing director and we’ll talk you through them here. 

Part time marketing directors in SME’s

The SME business category is a wide category of sized business and as such SMEs are at different stages in their investment in marketing with some not having marketing departments, and outsourcing all the marketing, whereas others having fully functioning marketing departments. Given the range of sized businesses, there is a strong argument for taking on a more experienced hire  

Part time Marketing Director salaries 

Part time Marketing Director Salaries are dependent on a lot of factors: location, business industry, demand for talent, the availability of talent, and the price of alternatives. 

Business size and its impact on marketing director salaries and part time marketing director salaries

Depending on the size of the business and the market you are in a marketing director can be earning £125k plus a year. For smaller businesses where a marketing director is managing smaller teams and budgets, the salary can be lower to associate with the associated responsibilities. For smaller businesses these can range from £70k-£100k. 

Why consider a part time marketing director 

So when looking at your investment decision to hire a marketing manager irrespective of salary the decision is based on the alternatives. 

For example, if a business has the option of hiring a candidate at a salary of £50k-60k there is the option to consider spending that money on agency resource, or freelance resource, or a part time resource. Hiring a part time marketing director affords a business more experience at the same price point as such it can be argued that there is benefit in doing so, depending on the business needs. 

Important considerations when thinking about a part time marketing director: 

  • Current team 
  • Budgets 
  • Objectives 
  • Marketing model 

Day rate versus Fixed Term Contract 

With part time marketing directors there is the opportunity to hire a candidate on a day rate allowing the businesses to increase flexibility in the hire and also mitigate some of the hidden costs associated with hiring such as pensions and wider benefits. 

Type of candidate

Choosing the right part time marketing director is really important to ensure success. Not all marketing directors are made the same! Choosing a part time marketing director with an interim background might be advantageous as there is a different skillset between interim and permanent employees. Over recent years the length of time that individuals have been staying in roles has been shortening and there has been a convergence between tenure between permanent and interim positions. 


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