Recruitment marketing - The best podcasts for recruitment marketing

If you have read our recent posts about What is recruitment marketing? And the related book resources we shared with you here we thought it would be helpful to share with you some fantastic podcast content to help you with all things talent and perhaps they might help you with building your talent acquisition strategies: 

In this post we will look at some of the best recruitment blogs out there for you to build your recruitment marketing efforts. 


The best podcasts for recruitment marketing:


  • Workology - There’s HR content from employee retention, recruiting, sourcing candidates, company culture, and more. 
  • ERE - There’s news and insights from leaders in HR so a useful resource for you to stay up to date with the latest in talent acquisition.
  • Glassdoor’s Blog - There is good information on all things recruitment: tips, trends, and news. 
  • Indeed’s Blog - There is good information on recruitment, employer branding and then industry reports and information too. 
  • LinkedIn Talent Blog - There is good information in their blog which is filled with industry updates regarding talent acquisition.
  • Ongig - There is lots of information and how-to articles and blogs to help you recruit. 
  • Recruiting Brainfood - Really good blog on all things talent acquisition and it is worth subscribing to the newsletter to get access to the weekly blog to stay up to date. 
  • RecruitingDaily - there is lots of information here on best practices and trends. 
  • Undercover Recruiter - Really good information here on employer branding and talent acquisition, from blogs to market insight. 
  • TAprose - this blog is all about information on developments in talent acquisition and focuses on trending issues and innovation. 


The following sites, you would have no doubt heard of, and they might help you more generally as their content is really good are: 

  • Business insider - there’s good information on business and as it has a focus on technology there is a good link with developments in talent acquisition too. 
  • Forbes - similarly to Business Insider Forbes has some strong content on recruitment marketing, recruiting, recruitment, and talent acquisitionHarvard business review 

Finally, do subscribe to The Hidden Market’s blog too. We have great resources here on recruiting, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition and interview industry leaders, hiring managers. Plus you might find our podcast of interest too.

How we work at The Hidden Market: 

Essentially we’re an extension of your brand, connecting it to more passive talent:
We firstly find talent, and we do that proactively for other clients too, that’s where you benefit. 
Secondly we spend time on the engagement piece.
Points one and two allow us to thirdly secure the right candidate for you. 

Specifically, we organise and categorise talent intelligently: as part of our sign up process candidates are asked comprehensive questions across a range of categories. This data led approach allows us to be able to better match and tailor roles to them, and thus provide you with better candidates. Candidates are matched on both quantitative and qualitative measures by both our matching model and us humans too! We work with clients in a variety of ways, and put together plans on a case by case basis depending on client need.

Our focus is on building communities and driving engagement with candidates which is achieved via relationships, media and engagement. We also harness the power of technology to build better and deeper relationships with candidates so we can measure engagement and predict who is most likely ready for a move. This helps you, as we are able to speak and qualify more candidates, and also able to find the most committed candidates. (I might leave it off as it gives away a lot). 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you drive engagement with candidates and attract the best talent then get in touch here.