Recruitment Marketing Manager Job Description

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What is a Recruitment Marketing Manager?

Recruitment Marketing is a relatively new and exciting new discipline in HR that utilises marketing techniques to attract candidates to a business, thus providing a solution to the recruitment problem. The role of a Recruitment Marketing Manager is to bring modern marketing strategies to the recruiting process to enable their employer a competitive edge in finding and attracting quality candidates. These efforts typically cover channels such as search, paid advertising, social, mobile, and email.

    Recruitment Marketing Manager Job Description:

    As a business we are looking for a Recruitment Marketing Manager to manage all marketing and advertising in relation to the recruitment requirements the business currently has. You will be responsible for the creation and distribution of recruitment marketing campaigns for hiring for the businesses key regions. Tasked with raising the profile of the business the Recruitment Marketing Manager is also required to aide the business in reducing the cost of hiring.  

    For this role, you will be a creative and quantitative thinker. You should be familiar with various recruitment marketing techniques across all marketing channels. Your goal will be to develop and implement the most profitable campaigns to position and promote the businesses roles.

    Recruitment Marketing Specialist duties and responsibilities

    • Plan and implement the recruitment marketing and employer branding strategy to attract high quality applicants
    • Digital marketing - keep informed as to social media acquisition techniques 
    • Plan and manage recruitment media campaigns
    • Work to create engaging job descriptions
    • Oversee the company’s career site and suggest improvements
    • Track, measure, and report on campaign results
    • Research and identify the requisite tactics and platforms to most effectively reach the required audience
    • Lead and implement strategies for building a talent network/talent community
    • Monitor the businesses employer brand via a range of digital sites such as Glassdoor  
    • Recruitment events - work to deliver recruitment events
    • Serve as brand ambassador at various events, like career fairs or on-campus recruiting events
    • Generate monthly updates for company’s leadership about upcoming recruitment marketing initiatives
    • Create monthly reports on key recruitment marketing metrics
    • Communicate regularly with HR department to get a clear view of company’s hiring needs and organizational goals
    • Work closely with the Human Resource department to develop creative ways for addressing recruitment challenges
    • Suggest new ideas for improving candidate experience and engagement
    • Research marketing and advertising trends in the recruitment industry 

    Recruitment Marketing Specialist requirements and qualifications

    • Excellent understanding of recruitment processes and candidates selection methods
    • Hands on experience with specific recruitment marketing software 
    • Creative thinker and proactive problem solver
    • Proven experience as a Recruitment Marketing Manager or a Employer Brand Manager or similar role. Candidates with previous working experience for Recruiting, Human Resources, Marketing or Advertising are also welcomed to apply
    • In-depth knowledge of employer branding strategies and recruitment marketing
    • Ideally a good understanding of Google Analytics & WebTrends 
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Strong attention to detail  
    • Analytical mind and strong quantitative skills
    • Ideally BSc/BA in Marketing, Communications or a similar field

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    Looking to hire a Recruitment Marketing Manager?

    At The Hidden Market we focus on hiring the best marketing talent for a range of sectors. 

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