Subscriptions Marketing Manager Job Description

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What is a Subscriptions Marketing Manager?

As a Subscriptions Marketing Manager your role is to drive commercial business growth via increased and sustained subscriptions to a businesses products and services. This work is delivered via targeting different potential groups of a businesses customers such as new customers via customer acquisition, existing customers via in-life marketing, and existing customers via customer retention campaigns. These marketing efforts cover a range of marketing channels including both on and offline channels. 

    Subscriptions Marketing Manager Job Description:

    We are looking for a Subscriptions Marketing Manager to manage all marketing in relation to our customer base. We are a subscriptions business and are looking for you to drive revenue from both retention, acquisition and in life customer marketing. 

    For this role, you will be a creative and quantitative thinker. You should be familiar with various subscriptions marketing techniques across all marketing channels. Your goal will be to develop and implement the most profitable campaigns to position and promote the businesses roles.

    Subscriptions Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

    • Managing online channels from planning, implementation and optimisation such as email/CRM, Social Media, SEO, Display and PPC
    • Growing subscription numbers and revenues across the portfolio.
    • Use marketing intelligence, customer insight & analysis to understand their audiences and effectiveness of their campaigns
    • Drive brand engagement, customer satisfaction and lifetime value.
    • Develop retention and upsell programmes and deliver highly targeted multi-channel campaigns and implement strategies for cross-sell and upsell.
    • Understand and report against engagement programme KPIs, Forecast, track, analyse and report on activity
    • To use market intelligence and customer insight and analysis to increase understanding of our audiences and effectiveness of our campaigns

    Subscriptions Marketing Manager Requirements:

    • Excellent understanding of subscriptions marketing including retention, acquisition, in life marketing
    • Creative thinker and proactive problem solver
    • Proven experience in a subscriptions marketing role or similar role such as CRM 
    • Ideally a good understanding of Google Analytics & WebTrends 
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Strong attention to detail  
    • Analytical mind and strong quantitative skills
    • Ideally BSc/BA in Marketing, Communications or a similar field

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    At The Hidden Market we focus on hiring the best marketing talent for a range of sectors. 

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    Looking to hire a Subscriptions Marketing Manager?

    At The Hidden Market we focus on hiring the best marketing talent for a range of sectors. 

    If you are looking to hire a Subscriptions Marketing Manager we have some great candidates on our books. 

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