18 companies investing in Artificial Intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence in marketing and what it means for you as a marketer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the marketing world. With constantly growing digitalisation and always online audience, traditional tools are no longer enough to address all the challenges faced today by modern companies. A lot of companies have already ventured into AI learning and implementation in order to improve their services, stay competitive and structure the company for the future.

There are a variety of solutions offered to empower businesses with artificial intelligence products which are helping to transform marketing activities in many ways.

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18 companies investing in Artificial Intelligence:


Appier is an Asia based technology company which provides AI platforms for solving challenging issues. The company offers several products driven by AI (AiDeal, AIQUA, AIXON, CrossX). These tools allow businesses to tap into customers behaviour, unifying data, and targeting and engaging customers on and off your website.

By leveraging these AI platforms, marketers are able to personalise user experiences, increase the apps and websites check out rates, predict customer’s future actions, better engage customers and finally increase the revenue.


GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence. Their technology is used by marketers to place ads more strategically. This AI technology scans videos and images across multiple platforms and helps marketers to provide more relevant ads and place them where they are most likely to be seen by users.

It is much easier now for marketers to target the right customers delivering them the right message at the right time. This is a marketers dream - to be able to target people better, save money and be more efficient and effective. 


Heuritech's AI-powered solutions help marketers predict product trends by analyzing all the data shared on social media. The marketers are able to quickly anticipate and quantify future trends, target the right consumers, and increase sales.

IBM Watson:

IBM Watson offers a wide range of solutions for applying AI in marketing. IBM Predictive Audiences, Watson Ads and Advertising Accelerator combine deep learning with neural networks to predict creative advertising models. This helps marketers to determine which elements will deliver the best engagement for particular audiences. The solutions enable better understanding of the audience, the structure and their preferences and eliminate the guesswork and testing.


NetBase products are helping marketers to get in-depth customer experience analytics by processing and analyzing billions of pieces of social web data. The platform enables marketing teams to deeply understand customer behavior, emotions and intent in real-time which makes it easier to make actionable decisions.


Quantcast’s AI audience behavior platform “Q” helps marketers make data-centric decisions by creating brand-specific predictive models and audience targeting.  It uses millions of data points from web and mobile destinations every day to build a custom model and finally precisely selects the audience.


Salesforce provides a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Their AI powered tool Salesforce Einstein uses data gathered on every user action to provide predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, and machine learning. It helps marketers to have more accurate analysis to predict which customer is more or less likely to engage and purchase a product.


Dstillery offers solutions for building best audiences with Custom AI models that are based on 10 million attributes. Their technology scores hundreds of millions of candidates inside and outside of audiences every day to identify the best match.  This way the customers are up to date and carefully targeted which helps marketers to better execute marketing and advertising campaigns.


Affectiva provides Emotion AI technology which analyses facial reactions and emotional response. This information is helpful for marketers who want to test their consumers’ reaction to videos, ads and tv shows, enabling them to predict key advertising success metrics and optimize the brand content and media.


Cognitiv uses deep learning based technology Neural Mind to predict consumer behavior. The technology accurately identifies consumers who want to buy or further engage. This information helps marketers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


Amplero’s AI powered marketing platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty. It provides unique insights about customer behavior and campaign efficacy to marketers.


Sizmek offers AI-powered platform which enable data, creative, and media to work together. The engine then identifies insights across the five key data dimensions – campaigns, consumers, context, creative, and cost. It helps marketers to better understand customer data and finally produce better content and campaigns.


Albert is an AI marketing platform which autonomously executes digital marketing campaigns from start to finish and delivers insights from cross channel data, acting on these insights in real time. This technology eliminates the manual and time-consuming tasks.


Amplify.ai uses AI powered chatbots to provide better customer experiences. The conversational platform can be trained with sentiment, intent and entities to provide better engagement with customers.


Invoca offers AI powered call tracking and analytics platform for analyzing live phone conversations and creating predictive models. Marketers get real-time marketing attribution and analytics on customer conversations, which they can automatically connect to the digital campaigns they're running.


Google’s machine learning-powered ad tools optimize ad placement and local campaigns. Responsive search ads test different versions of a brand’s ad and automatically identify which combination performs best for any given search query.


Influential an A.I. social data and conversion platform which analyzes data to identify relevant influencers for different brands based on audience attributes and contextual data.

Overall, different AI solutions can help marketing teams in many ways: reduce operational costs, increase productivity and efficiency, forecast trends, micro-target consumers, engage better and grow revenue… In general, they enable marketers to work smarter, faster and better. We expect that over time marketing teams will begin to use more and more of these types of tools. The question is to what extent will an AI have an impact on marketing jobs. Are the jobs at risk? Will they change?


There will be a range of new digital marketing roles and specialties. We will see roles purely focused on customer audiences, deep learning and digital and artificial intelligence. Demand for digital marketing skills will be increasing. Keeping up the pace and becoming a life-long learner is very important for all digital marketers, no matter their experience and seniority level. AI technologies will certainly be replacing all routine, repetitive tasks and have a supportive role - empowering humans to perform better and focus more on decision making and creativity. Artificial intelligence in marketing will offer many solutions and efficiency, but ultimately, humans are the center of the marketing world, because at the end, the greatest performance improvements will be achieved when humans and machines work together!


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