Interview preparation - Marketing Leaders 

Here in The Hidden Markets blog, we examine the importance of interview preparation in helping you succeed. 

Irrespective of your circumstances: whether you be a Head of Marketing, Marketing Director, or Marketing Freelancer we hope you find value here. 

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Interview preparation - Marketing Leaders 

Personal circumstances vary. You might be a head of marketing or marketing director going for a final interview or alternatively, you might be a marketing freelancer scoping out initial projects. 


Irrespective of circumstance you want to succeed. Now, success is not guaranteed, but one wants to ensure that potential success is not down to chance. 


The biggest mistake professionals make in preparing for interviews is down to a lack of preparation: 


Now before we get into interview preparation, different candidates can be in different situations. Which is a big problem for you. If you are looking to ace an interview. 


Active candidates are, often, but not always well prepared. They’re generally more likely to be interview ready as they have had the time and the practice to prepare. Comparatively passive candidates; those that are not actively looking for roles are, often, less prepared. 


As a senior candidate you might have been in your role for five or ten years and not had an interview in that time. But why is it this important? 


Irrespective of personal situation it is important that you as a candidate are prepared for an interview. 


We are talking about the top 10% of jobs. Interviews for the best jobs can be intense, including a lot of information and detail in a few meetings. 

What is important is to have convincing answers and/or views on: 

  • Language & turn of phrase 
  • Body language
  • Motivations 
  • Leadership 
  • Achievements

A lack of preparation shows in the structure and speed of answers and ultimately the level of detail too. What do we mean? Well, the margin of success between the best candidates is fine. Candidates who come second are often could have been fortunate enough to have secured the role another week. 

Language & turn of phrase 

How you answer gives away your position, your view, any potential issues you have had with a previous employer. 

Body language

Confidence is built throughout processes and this comes through in an interview. Knowing your answers and experience filters through into your overall body language. 


Why are you looking to move? What is it you really want? How does that align with the business in question. Often candidates who are less prepared provide less convincing answers on their motivations to move. 


How do you lead? What's the evidence? Often candidates who are less prepared provide less convincing answers on the detail of their leadership experience. 


Practical, hard evidence based facts of how you have performed in a role. Again, preparation comes through here and too often candidates do not have enough depth to their answers here. 

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Below is a list of jobs we help companies with: 

  • Marketing Managers / Senior Marketing Managers 
  • Head of Marketing 
  • Marketing Director 
  • CMO’s - Chief Marketing Officers 
  • Contract and interim marketers Executives / Managers / 
  • Interim Head of Marketing 
  • Interim Marketing Director 
  • Interim CMO’s  
  • Head of Digital 
  • Head of Growth 
  • CDO’s - Chief Digital Officers  

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