Marketing Leaders ultimate guide to digital courses:

If you’re a senior marketer most likely you have not been involved in some of the detail of campaigns. Alternatively, depending on the type of business you have been in, it might not have been a digital first business, and therefore you might not have been at the forefront of digital. Here is a list of some free digital marketing courses and also some paid digital marketing courses. 

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Marketing Leaders ultimate guide to digital courses:

Google Squared

  • Google squared is more about digital leadership and changing and influencing businesses. 
  • Paid for course if self-funded is £1.7k. Here you can find information on the pricing.  


  • There’s a range of professional qualifications & short courses for you too. 
  • The short course’s start from about £500 
  • You would expect to pay c.£2,2k for a qualification. 
  • There is also a discount if you are a member of the organisation.  

Google Courses: 

Google’s digital garage

  • There’s options there for paid and free courses. 
  • There is lots of information on here and has great small module type content focusing on different digital fundamentals. There’s additional non-marketing related courses too.

Google Skillshop

  • There is lots of courses here on google’s products such as google ads and analytics. 
  • In my opinion, google ad’s or PPC is probably the area in which I see the biggest areas of misunderstanding with senior (non-digital marketers). 
  • Cost - free. 

Google Analytics Academy 

  • Analytics Academy is a great tool that teaches you all about Google Analytics. 
  • A highlight is the Google Demo Account which allows you to learn Google Analytics. 

LinkedIn Learning 

  • LinkedIn offers a range of courses from free to paid. You can access some of the free content with a normal account, and if your business has set licenses you might be able to access the learning modules too. Worth checking. 
  • There’s good info there on how to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn ads. 

Hubspot Academy - free courses here on a range of topics. Hubspot describes as these as ranging from quick practical courses to certificates. Good courses focuses on inbound marketing marketing rather than paid advertising. 

Facebook Blueprint - there are lots of free courses on how to use facebook and instagram ads to increase sales and techniques behind this too. 


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