THM Talent Demand Report H1 2023

Marketing Talent Report H1 2023

Insights from The Hidden Market about marketing talent

THM Report - The Demand for Marketing Talent

Halfway through the year, we at The Hidden Market thought we would look at the demand for marketing talent to help you plan your teams or plan your career by understanding the skills most in demand right now. This is the first of this kind of report that we've produced and we'll be looking to produce more. This is very much a beginning so we would welcome your feedback. 

We've analysed 25k jobs that have been on our platform from January 1st 2023 to June 30th 2023. All jobs are jobs directly with businesses and not with recruitment agencies. This avoids any issues of double counting or fake jobs. The jobs cover clientside and agency jobs. 

Below you will find: 

  • The demand for marketers by level 
  • The demand for marketers by skill 
  • Live marketing jobs we're currently marketing 
  • Salary information for marketing jobs
  • Info on how we work with the marketing community: candidates & clients
  • Info to request an account with us 
  • Links to our blog Accessing The Hidden Market
Image of the demand for marketing talent by level

Highlights of the demand marketing talent: 

  1. 57% of marketing jobs advertised were advertised as broad marketing roles and not specialist roles suggesting the need for marketers to manage multiple channels 
  2. 43% of marketing jobs were advertised as specialist roles either as one specific skill or a combination of two or more skills. These were most often split between broad digital and content 
  3. The demand for singularly content skills accounted for 15% of all demand but over 66% of job advertisements referencing content
  4. The demand for middle managers and senior managers is high relative to executives and senior executives: senior managers and managers accounted for 37% of hiring whereas executives and senior executives was 36% of hiring 
  5. The bulk of hiring is senior marketing managers down to executives: 73% in total
  6. There has been a decent amount of demand at the senior end with hiring of chief’s, directors and heads of amounting to 11% of demand by businesses
Image of graph displaying the demand for marketing talent by skill

Highlights of the demand for marketing talent by skill

    The chart above shows the demand for marketing skills by skills. Content, social, strategy and growth are the key skills listed: 

    Here is the breakdown of marketing skills by % contribution: 

    1. Content 17%
    2. Social - 16%
    3. Strategy 12% 
    4. Growth 11% 
    5. B2C 5% 
    6. Project management - 4% 
    7. SEO - 5% 
    8. Operations 4%
    9. CRM 4% 
    10. B2B 3%
    11. Email marketing 3% 
    12. Partnerships 3% 
    13. Trade 3% 
    14. UI/UX 3% 
    15. Demand generation / Marketing Automation 2% 
    16. PPC, performance marketing & paid media 3% 
    17. Loyalty - 1% 
    18. Brand marketing - 1% 
    19. Copywriting 1% 
    20. Affiliates - 0% 
    21. PR - 0% 
    22. Brand management - 0% 
    23. Product marketing0%


    Our view of the demand for marketing talent

    Our view of the demand for marketing talent

    • Content and social are the most in demand skills even within broad marketing jobs which makes sense given the current business environment: whether businesses are B2B or B2C businesses we see that companies have been heavily investing in content and social for a number of years
    • We found it particularly interesting that so far there has been little mention of AI in relation to specific jobs or within job requirements in job specifications. From our work with businesses and our network in the wider marketing community we know that businesses are investing in AI formally and also teams are informally using AI services 
    • Marketing is such a multi-faceted career made up with a number of niche specialisms: 19 out of the 23 skills listed contribute individually to 5% of demand or less and in total, they account for 44% of total demand
    • Comparing the aggregate figures of skills demand can be misleading:
      • brand figures seem quite low as does PR and product marketing, but actually, this reinforces the point above about specialisms
      • PPC, performance, and paid media seem to be low relative to other skills. Our experience is that this niche is challenging to recruit for, and actually high in demand, whilst the aggregate figures suggest there is less overall demand compared to other skillsets where there might be more total jobs

    How we work at The Hidden Market: 

    We work with candidates and companies to provide relevant opportunities. There are a number of problems with the recruitment market but one of the main issues is that candidates and companies often make a bad move or hire, which could have been easily avoided. 

    This is often down to a lack of available information: companies often only attracting active talent, and passive talent not having the time and or interest to research what opportunities might be out there. 

    Candidates looking for marketing jobs: 

    We work with candidates to bring them opportunities that are really well suited to them even if they are not fully active right now. 

    Companies looking for marketing talent:

    We work with companies to unlock passive talent and ensure that they are able to attract more interest to their roles and as such hire a better matched candidate to their opportunity. Should you be looking to hire you can create an account with us here.

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