Our specialisms at The Hidden Market

Our areas of expertise:

We are commercial recruitment specialists. Marketing. Digital. Product. Communications. Sales.

We’re commercial recruitment specialists as you cannot understand marketing and it’s influence on business without understanding sales, or understanding product and propositions. Whilst these categories can appear independent they are so interrelated and we see that candidates move between different skill categories and as such we are able to tap into each market. 

We focus on recruiting candidates across marketing, digital, product & propositions, communications, account management & business development, research & insight talent. 


We are marketing recruitment specialists. You can check out our full service offering in our marketing recruitment page here to understand the full depth of our experience and expertise. Briefly, we cover all areas of marketing from traditional offline marketing through the most technical digital marketing and everything in between. We value both on and offline marketing and love working with brands who either use marketing to their fullest of abilities or want to get started in using marketing as they recognise its value.


Digital is so embedded in our ecosystem that is now its own category. We’re digital natives and digital recruitment specialists. We recruit for roles across technical digital roles through to broad digital roles and roles that are split across some of the other categories on this page, such as marketing and product. For more information on our digital expertise see our digital expertise page.

Product & Propositions

Innovation we believe is at the heart of success. Innovation spurs on individual companies, industries, and society as a whole. That’s why we particularly like recruiting for product and propositions roles. We recruit for both physical and digital product specialists. For more information on our product and propositions experience see our product and propositions page



In the people business we value communication, it is at the heart of what we do. We thoroughly enjoy recruiting for communications roles We recruit for both internal and external communications, through to PR and investor relations roles. For more information on our communications expertise see our communications page


Account Management & Business Development

Working in recruitment we get the need for solid account management and business development skills and what they bring to a business. We take pride in finding the best account management and business development talent. For more information on our expertise see our account management & business development page

More information on The Hidden Market:

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