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Connect with the best hidden talent

Our approach allows you to unlock hidden passive and active talent that are often missed by traditional recruitment alternatives such as jobsites

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Intelligently match and screen

Our matching model will match you to the best talent on the market and save you time in screening irrelevant options and benefit from our vetted network

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Recruit the best talent directly and bypass third party recruiters, avoiding brand damage associated with using multiple recruiters

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Service & service flexibility

We combine the proactivity of a recruiter and efficiencies of a jobsite. We’ll take your brief and assist you in hiring for the role and we’re contactable as you wish

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Use our tools

We're set up to help you to pipeline talent and plan ahead for your hiring needs. Our design saves you time in the recruitment process

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Reduce the cost of hire

Benefit from our network and advertising of your role to reduce the cost of hire

See what professionals say about our team

  • James is a mover and shaker, so if you're ready to start a new role you've got the best partner in James. He isn't swayed by obstacles, and certainly was my greatest champion when I found myself at a defining point in my career. He equipped me with valuable CV advice, and hooked me up with a fabulous company. I highly recommend James as a professional recruiter.

    Nicola - Marketing Manager
  • I was approached on LinkedIn by James this summer. Unlike many headhunters that broadly approach candidates, James was very targeted and understood my skills and market very well. He was able to suggest a career opportunity that I was immediately interested in pursuing and that matched my experience and abilities perfectly. Throughout the interview process James was very supportive and showed extraordinary knowledge and capability in offering advice and coaching. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James to experienced candidates looking for a career move.

    Alessandra - Head of Marketing
  • James took his time, ensuring he recommended me for opportunities that were a good fit for both me and the prospective employer. Where many consultants shore-horn you into the first thing that comes up, James offers genuine consultancy. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to others looking to make the next move in their career.

    Tom - Senior Marketing Manager
  • I had the pleasure of recently working with James who helped place me in my current role. He took the time to understand my skills, motivations and the type of organisation that would be a good fit. He kept me informed at all stages; only put me forward for roles that were appropriate, and helped ensure I was thoroughly prepared. He is personable, professional and proactive - a real star! If you are seeking a new career opportunity, I would not hesitate in recommending you contact him.

    Jessica - Head of Marketing
  • I worked with James recently on a difficult brief. He was absolutely excellent, finding great candidates and running the process very professionally. James went beyond the call of duty and gave me great advice throughout the process. He knows both marketing and recruitment extremely well and his advice on structures and job roles and specifications was very helpful. He was a true partner in the process and someone I felt I could bounce ideas and strategies off

    Jane - Marketing Director
  • James helped place me in my current role. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the sector and friendly in the way I was dealt with. From the very start of our relationship James took time to learn more about my skills and personality and match them to my current job. He kept me informed at every step in the application process so I knew exactly where I was at every stage.

    I would highly recommend James for his recruitment expertise, professional attitude and high level of integrity.

    Katie - Strategic Proposals Manager
  • James did a great job of placing me in my latest role. What stood out was his professionalism plus a depth of knowledge and contacts in FS marketing. As a candidate I felt I was more than just a number and he took the time to really understand my skillset and what I was looking for, which translated to a good result. Thanks again James.

    Jared - Marketing Manager
  • James is my idea of a super recruiter. He placed me in my current role having taken the time to properly understand my skills, experience and career ambitions. James works proactively, professionally and is a great people person, which makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s also a great communicator and clearly understands client needs and the sectors they work in. James is a real asset.

    Tom - Digital Marketing Manager
  • James was exceptionally cooperative in my job search and provided me with very useful and objective insights. He also gave me perfect guidance for the interviews on what to expect and took the time to ensure that my job is the right fit for me and vice versa. I would definitely recommend him to other job-seeking candidates.

    Mariham - Head of Growth Markets

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