What is recruitment marketing? And how does The Hidden Market help?

Recruitment marketing is the strategies and tactics businesses use to find, attract and engage, and nurture talent, all before they apply for a job. It is the hello in your conversation. This is the pre-applicant stage of talent acquisition: the awareness stage.

We believe that all businesses should be investing in recruitment marketing. Here’s why:

Recruitment solves the following problems: finding, engaging, and securing talent.

Most businesses see recruitment as only finding talent. Evermore a recruiter's role has been on the engagement & securing talent piece, as there has been an ever-increasing war for talent. Whilst recruiters do engage and secure talent, it certainly is a business responsibility too.

With such a rise in technology and platforms, it has been argued that there is not a need for a recruiter. However we see that a number of candidates will see roles advertised on multiple platforms, and candidates will still not apply.

This is an engagement problem. Clearly the engagement problem leads to an issue of securing talent. Here's why you need to invest in recruitment marketing to help solve the engagement problem.


There are three reasons we believe you should be investing in recruitment marketing: 

  1. Communicating to candidates what you offer as business 
  2. Candidates are seeking more than ever the softer elements to an application / career
  3. Your competition is most likely doing so 

In its essence it develops the why behind a candidate’s interest in your business. It helps you showcase your brand. You might be a global brand or a start up, and as such candidates may, or may not know about you. 

Some assume that bigger brands do not need to do recruitment marketing. From our experience, there are lots of cases where big brands benefit. 

An example of this would be that there is a range of businesses that I work with who have really diverse product/service sets, and as such candidates might know the brand, but not realise you work in certain categories or are in need of certain skills. You might have brand recognition, for certain areas but not others. 

There are other situations when you should be investing in recruitment marketing that are related to communicating what your business offers a potential candidate. From our experience spending time with candidates recruiting across all levels, we are seeing that candidates are evermore keen to explore the softer areas of an application. Applications are no longer (perhaps they never were) just about the job, salary, commute… Candidates are looking for purpose. 

Finally, your competition is likely doing so. 

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How we work at The Hidden Market: 

Essentially we’re an extension of your brand, connecting it to more passive talent:

  • We firstly find talent, and we do that proactively for other clients too, that’s where you benefit
  • Secondly, we spend time on the engagement piece

Points one and two allow us to thirdly secure the right candidate for you. Specifically, we organise and categorise talent intelligently which allows us to be able to better match and tailor roles to them, and thus provide you with better candidates. Candidates are matched on both quantitative and qualitative measures by both our matching model and us humans too! We work with clients in a variety of ways, and put together plans on a case by case basis depending on client need. Our focus is on building communities and driving engagement with candidates which is achieved via media and engagement. 

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you drive engagement with candidates and attract the best talent then get in touch with us - hello@thehiddenmarket.com or you can register a company account here