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What is a Product Marketing Manager?

The role of Product Marketing Managers is to develop effective marketing strategies to communicate the features and benefits of products to their customers and potential customers. They perform market research on trending products, establish timescales for releasing new products and take part in presentation events.

Product Marketing Managers also act as the voice of customers in an organisation. They analyse the specific customer concerns, needs and experiences. Product Marketing Managers often work in private sector companies that promote and sell products or digital services.

Product Marketing Manager Job Description:

Product Marketing Manager duties and responsibilities

The Product Marketing Manager's responsibility is to create demand for the businesses products and services through effective marketing strategies. They ensure that products have shorter sales cycles and higher revenue returns. Other duties and responsibilities of Product Marketing Managers include:

  • Create product marketing messages and unique selling points that set the product apart from the rest in the market
  • Working on the launch of new products and services of the company
  • Briefing the press, PR teams on new products and services to be launched in the market
  • Presenting products to both internal teams and clients, discussing sales strategy and using market research to establish product pricing
  • Performing surveys, interviews and focus groups for obtaining insights about the customer’s product usage and buyer personas to tap new opportunities
  • Working on new product development with the product management teams and supporting from a product marketing perspective 
  • Communicate new products to the sales team and helping them develop tools that facilitate the sales process
  • Assisting in recruiting and managing a team of product marketing executives and creating marketing content such as case studies, website copy and blog posts

Product Marketing Manager skills and qualifications

Successful Product Marketing Managers focus on using their excellent empathetic skills to understand the mindset of customers. They use this knowledge to improve existing products or devise new strategies for increasing interest and awareness of their products or services. A successful Product Marketing  Manager candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications, these include:

  • Team work - Excellent team work skills and ability to work with multiple teams and departments across the business
  • Communication skills - Good verbal & written communication skills to create engaging copy and capture unique stories that help sell more products
  • Research - Excellent market research skills and the ability to gain insight into the customers’ needs and experiences
  • Digital channels - Strong understanding of digital channels such as social media marketing skills for connecting with audiences and growing relationships with them
  • Strong written ability - Excellent copywriting and design skills to produce compelling sales material for both online and print media
  • Accurate analytical skills for evaluating and discovering effective marketing strategies
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Ability to work with multi-national companies

Product Marketing Manager experience requirements

  • Three to five years of experience in Product Marketing ideally in a similar industry 
  • Strong experience in budget management
  • Excellent project management experience
  • Ideal candidates possess proven expertise in strategy development, forecasting and ROI calculations. Those who’ve worked in marketing, sales or public relation also have a good chance of managing the position
  • Product Marketing Manager education and training requirements - ideally have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and ideally Marketing related. We expect candidates to have a basic understanding of marketing principles and project management theories

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Looking to hire a Product Marketing Manager?

At The Hidden Market we focus on hiring the best marketing talent for a range of sectors. 

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